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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Pedo_Bear (SPRING HILL, FL) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

this game was just dreadful.. no not really... it was very fun full of witty come backs awesome game play your normal dmc game mind blowing definitively a rent or if you want to get all the trophy's then a buy it would be worth the 60$ retail regular game mode is around 7-10 hours(depends on how good you are) but if you where to do everything find everything and ect around 50-74 hours of gameplay. the only thing i did not like was the new Dante i do not like the whole short hair and wife beater look but his personality is the same as the original Dante that got us into this awesome trilogy.

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GF Rating


From Skeptic to Believer

posted by AlphaVolatile (FORT MYERS, FL) Apr 14, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Allow me to begin by saying that when I heard of this game I thought it would have been fun as a hack and slash, but would fail as a Devil May Cry game. I don't know why, but when I heard about Limbo, Alternate Universe, and watched the trailers, I thought this game would ruin the franchise. To my greatest relief, I was wrong. DMC: Devil May Cry may not be a prequel to the trilogy, but it holds up on its own just well.
The plot of this game sucks you in from the first few seconds. There's a new Dante, but with the same attitude. One thing I enjoyed of this game rather than the past games was that Dante no longer says as many cliche statements. He doesn't "Woo-hoo" when jumping on a missile and riding it, nor does he wave his arms and legs in an exaggerated way. This new Dante is a bada--, and he doesn't care who knows it. The game mechanics are much like the old game, but we no longer have to choose which weapon we want for the level (because right and left trigger changes from demonic to angel and D-pad changes weapons). Enemies are not as challenging as the original Devil May Cry. And the music still gets you pumped up fighting enemies and bosses. I did encounter one or two bugs when playing the game, but all you have to do is restart at checkpoint for it to be all good. I'm afraid to say that I should not have rented this game at all, but instead have bought it from Day One! Hopefully, they'll make this DMC into a trilogy as well.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Indi (JOHNSON CITY, TN) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

Game was too short, serious lack of content, and predictable/bland story line.

I almost approve of Dante's attitude but you still want to smack him by the end of the game. Music/soundtrack was pretty awesome and really improved the hack and slash bits but overall it was a bit of a disappointment. Worth the rent but don't waste too much time/money on it.

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