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Very Good

Devil may cry what more can you say

posted by HandledBubble93 (WORCESTER, MA) Aug 16, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

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I mean what can I say if you like devil may cry then you will enjoy this title, killed a lot of time for me had a great story if you ask me seems almost like a prequel don't know if that is what its supposed to be or not but that's just what it felt like to me overall the combat system is basic devil may cry fancy combos mixed with gunshots to keep it going devil triggers and what not but the story was just pretty darn good if you ask me I would say to give it a try if you like mindless violent games to pass some time this is for you

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OMG I Loved It...

posted by bigdog895 (PORT HUENEME, CA) Aug 6, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

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If you like Uncharted, God Of War and Assassin Creed then you love this game.. It has everything action, adventure, horror and drama.. I highly recommend this game...

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Nemy009 (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

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Well, it's obvious from the story that the writers are conscience of current geopolitical/financial events. - Enslaving nations via "debt" is about as real as it gets folks. - On that point alone this game has earned some praise from me. My feelings on this new Dante is a mixed bag however. He's obviously been designed to be more relatable to the younger 18-25 generation, which in my mind is somewhat of a let down considering the original Dante wasn't really geared towards any one group of people; he was just a wild, crazy, nonchalant, demi-god. On the other hand, it's interesting to see a more real world interpretation of such a fantastic concept.

Story - Well I haven't finished the game yet but having played DMC 1,3, and 4, I can tell you that they've changed Dante's origin a bit. Instead of him being the spawn of a forbidden union between "demon" and "human", he's now the result of the union between "angel" and "demon", which completely removes any ties he would have to humanity. Strange they decided to go this route considering demons are simply fallen angels, and the union of demon and angel would just create another angel. Even the name Nephilim means the off-spring of the "Sons of God" and the "daughters of men" (i.e. angels and humans). Severing Dante's ties to humanity makes the story more a tale of vengeance, rather than a story of Dante feeling somewhat obligated to protect humanity because he is part human.

Gameplay - If you've played DMC4, you'll catch on pretty quick.

Graphics - Oh boy, UE3...

Overall - Interesting reboot of a series that may or may not have been in need of a reboot depending on who you ask. DMC4 was obviously Capcom's attempt to move the series away from Dante, but I guess the fans wouldn't have it, so they capitulated by giving us a reboot. Personally, I wouldn't have minded another romp with Nero with Dante playing a supporting role, but that's not what we got, so you gotta take'em as you can get'em.

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