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GF Rating


Huge letdown

posted by Supermane1985 (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

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After reading previews I was really excited for an arcade based music game on the Vita. However DJ Technika Tune was a huge disappointment. After a short tutorial you are thrown into select screens with little explanation and no objectives. What may work on a large arcade cabinet does not translate to a handheld here and apparently my skills on similar cabinets don't either. But the limited game modes, lack of objectives, and barely passable controls aren't what really ruin this game, it's the music. Music games live and die on their song selection and there isn't one song in this game I would listen to twice by choice. It sways wildly from butchered classical tunes, to silly k-Pop, to just cacophonous sounds. Maybe if you love the original cabinet you can find some enjoyment here but if you aren't in love with this game before you even try it, rent something else.

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I really wanted to like this game...

posted by Dualmask (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 26, 2014

Member since Apr 2008

Because I'm a fan of the DJ Max series. I own Fever, and imported Black Square and Clazziquai for PSP as well as Trilogy for PC. But this Technika Tune...this is not DJ Max. This is something terrible. What were they thinking with the touchscreen-only controls? Half the time your hand is covering the screen because of the finger acrobatics you're expected to do with perfect timing, so you're missing the timeline on one half of the screen while you're tapping or dragging on the other. I'm all for innovation but I feel like the touch gameplay should have been a bonus or an option instead of a replacement for the standard DJ Max controls.

And the songs...even though I didn't play it long and I was able to find a couple of classics from DJ Max games past, I also found a few too many live action k-pop videos that didn't seem to suit the game to me. While you're making your fingers dance all over the Vita's screen, you're not seeing them anyway, but live action videos are even more distracting than animated ones. I mean, this isn't like a DS where you can have the action/video on one screen and the touch controls on another. You can't make a Vita game touch-based ONLY. Touch has to be a perk, an option, not mandatory.

I will say the game makes a fine presentation. The neon effects and sound quality are top notch and the game is a joy to look at, at least.

Just a fail of a DJ Max game. And I was so looking forward to getting into this too.

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Awful Music Game

posted by gameongreggy (KINGSTON, NY) May 16, 2013

Member since May 2013

Played for about 20 mins, but noted do not register on screen, barely a tutorial, doesnt explain anything, even on easy notes fly on screen, matching almost hardest difficulty of Elite Beat.
If I could use buttons I might spend more time with it, but when my touch on the screen isn't registering, it's basically broke

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