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posted by MR2TALL35 (YAZOO CITY, MS) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

this game gets the party started .. so when i dj at da club i dj with my ps3 because all my music is on here sometimes i use my music videos on my travel drive and i show the videos while i dj... what dj would love this game. so that makes me the DJ HERO.....and i give it 10 plus tax......( LOL )

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GF Rating

Very Good

I never though i would find myself here...

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Oct 26, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2006

I have to admit, i had pretty low hopes for this game when my freind called me over to play DJ Hero 2 with him. I was surprised, to say the least... He's my review people...

Gameplay: Nothing much different from the first game, but i did get a better feel when playing this time around. DJH1 actually bored me to the point where i wanted to throw it out my window and flame it with an imaginary flamethrower...

Sound/Graphics: Improved Sound over DJH1, so i was pleased. Graphics remain typically the same, but ruled out over my picky Graphic tastes...

Storyline: DJH1 was pretty linear; start out as a mere DJ-ist (did i say that right?) and work your way up to stardom, what music videogame doesn't go like that? DJH2 does the same thing, but this time, i really felt progress, which i can't say for DJH1 when i endlessly drudged through songs while grunting.

Controls: When i played DJH1, i felt stiff with every movement, and i grew tired of those annoying hand cramps i frequentely got after playing songs such as Poke Face (ugh... Lady Gaga...). Not with DJH2! The controls of the board moved very quickly and i was able to slide my fingers across it quickly without giving myself a burning pain.

Conclusion: DJH2 rises up above the first game, and actually made it to my "Videogames that are OK" List (which isn't easy!). But, here's the catch: just like previous music videogames, you have to buy the whole freaking set to be able to play. That's right, not only will you have to fork out a few bucks to buy the set, but you'lle have to find some inconvienient hiding place for the set to stay in (Good luck with that!) Lucky for me, i have a friend who owns the thing (Suckers!)


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game, Still Missing Stuff

posted by Sperethiel (FLORENCE, AL) Oct 23, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game is an amazing improvement upon the last DJ Hero title. If you played the first one and enjoyed it, this one will blow it out of the water.

DJ Hero is a good standout in the Music and Rhythm game industry because of it's unique step in a different direction of music. Where most people could care less if they added jazz to Rock Band (except me) this gives a fresh take on a different genre of music and creates a great controller for it.

Here's my take on the new game.

Gameplay is still very forgiving and really has no penalty for playing badly. You can always finish a song, but you may stink and make the music less enjoyable. This may or may not be your thing. For mme , its a casual experience amongst my other more difficult games. SSo I enjoy the change of pace. Taps, scratching, and crossfading is all back but now they have added some new gameplay features that change and improve the overall experience. Adding freestyle scratching, crossfading, and taps create an aura of awesomeness for the user when they get to contribute something themselves and not be guided on rails for an entire song. Eliminating essentially the "freestyle soundbites" of Flava Flav was the best thing they did. Be sure to download the free demo or rent if you want to see everything.

Graphically, it looks slightly better. New characters show some more detail than the older game, however it doesn't feel like a leap of improvement here.

Overall presentation of the game feels smoother with new UI and a cleaner and more updated art scheme.

Multiplayer is a blast, and the game has several different modes including a much needed overhaul to the singleplayer now called Empire Mode.

Most importantly the music in this game is great. EDM is in full effect but some non-mashups or non-remixes would be nice.

The game still feels like its missing stuff. It needs some creation tools. Character creation and the like. Customizing your own club would be fun as well. Maybe in DJ Hero 3. :)

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