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Music Got Awful

posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Feb 21, 2011

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Member since Sep 2009

This sequel really doesn't bring much new to the mechanic of the game. There's "freestyle mixing" and they dispensed with the finite list of freestyle samples to trigger, but it's basically the same game wrapped in a new package. And the music? Forget it. At least the first one had SOME variety, mixing classics like Queen and Public Enemy and Marvin Gaye and even Motorhead in with the new Top 40 stuff. But this setlist is all flash-in-the-pan pablum from the last year or so. No variety, no diversity, no coolness factor.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A step up from the original!

posted by Arkenium12 (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Aug 23, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

When I first heard DJ Hero 2 was coming out, I was skeptical but was glad there was quite a bit of time between it's release and the release of the original DJ Hero. I had hoped they would take the time to make DJH2 a quality title.

I loved the first one but felt it was lacking a little in user interface. Thankfully, they have implemented new in-game features such as freestyle scratch and crossfade sections that let you put a personal touch on the song. The mixes in this game are awesome and the inclusion of mega popular DJ's as playable avatars, such as David Guetta, The RZA, Tiesto, and my favorite Deadmau5, was REALLY cool.

If you're a seasoned player when it comes to rhythm games, start on hard difficulty because, for me, it was pretty fun playing on a higher level. I've watched people play lower than that and it was a snooze-fest so I guess that it's difficulty ranges to include all players, not just the hardcore rhythm gamers. The only issue I had with difficulty was the jump from hard to expert. It's really fun for someone who is versed in rhythm games to play on hard, but playing on expert can be really frustrating and takes away from the experience. Since you're too busy concentrating on hitting each sample, crossfade, and scratch, you're not enjoying the music and having fun.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game and recommend it to any fan of the original or somebody looking to experience a new twist on the rhythm game genre. Thumbs up Activision!

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GF Rating

Very Good

good track list, for the most part

posted by YPS1987 (MAHOPAC, NY) May 2, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

i like the tracks a lot more then the original dj hero and the freestyle modes make it more interactive..

but there are still songs that i can't imagine anyone enjoying.. let alone playing, imo this should have had more hip hop on it, since hip hop is what birthed the DJ craft.. but this game still seems centered on the house / rave crowed. but other then that, i approve. looking forward to more improvements in DJ Hero 3.

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