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DC fans dream

posted by DavidWolf001 (TAMPA, FL) May 11, 2012

Member since May 2012

This game is that is an awesome game to play, it has everything you want from a DC game so far I have fought The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow,Harley Queen, Bane, Sinestro, Clayface,Bizzaro, Black Adam, Deathstroke and many more and that is just the hero side there is a whole different story lines for villains.Not only can you team up with your friends and fight this villains but in most of them you actually team up with a famous hero. What is even better now is that they made it FREE that's right you can do all this FREE so if you ever wonder what it would be like to fight along side Superman, Batman, or Green Lantern just check it and I promise you will be hooked.

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did they change?

posted by maltliquor (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Jan 23, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

i thought they changed to play on line free now, did anybody else hear that?

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MMO with flare

posted by CaliberChamp (COOPER CITY, FL) Jan 23, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

DCUO, has become free to play. This game gives you control of your character and the way you want your character to look. The action oriented gameplay really makes this game a joy to play and is fun even when you are level 1 unlike most MMO's. If you always wanted to make your own super hero and bring them to life this is the game you should play. I recommend the PC version over the PS3 version unless your computer doesn't meet the specific hardware requirements just make sure you have a game controller to play this game if you do plan to play it on PC. I've played both versions, the PS3 crashes more and takes a longer time to load you into the game. Only thing the PS3 wins in is population, but PC's population is slowly catching up since this game has gone free to play. The PvE is fun especially within a group. PvP is good, but I would suggest learning about this game more before going into PvP since you will get beat easily if you don't know anything about your stats and loadouts. Once your level 30 PvP is really fun. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

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