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Good game, gets repetitive

posted by halfastronaut1 (GREENSBORO, NC) Apr 13, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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This was my first MMO, got very excited to hear one was coming out for PS3. I enjoy superhero comics but am not a fanatic.

LOTS of fun creating characters: choosing power combos and customizing your look are great. The "mentor" system is cool too, you'll be fighting alongside legendary heroes or villains within 20 minutes of starting your character. There are somewhat different storylines for your character depending on which mentor you choose, but not a huge difference, and you'll end up running missions for all three hero/villain mentors anyway once you level up a few times.

The flying movement mode is exhilarating. It's easy to get lost in the fantasy of that much freedom.

You can choose to go all the missions solo as you level up, or team up with others. When you create your character, you will decide to play mostly player vs. environment (PVE) or player vs. player (PVP). The latter is more risky but victory against a higher level player is so satisfying. If you go PVE, you will level up more quickly.

The Bluetooth function is still buggy as of this writing.

Main drawback is how repetitive the game gets once you level cap at 30. Your goal becomes to upgrade your equipment to ultra-advanced stuff. There is no way to do this solo, you WILL need to team up and do player vs. player missions. You will die, a lot, at first. For me, this gets repetitive. I'd rather create another character and do it over... but the missions all start to feel the same.

I've enjoyed my subscription for 90 days, but likely won't play anymore. I'd buy it again though, knowing how much fun it was.

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posted by johnrrodge (VERO BEACH, FL) Jan 11, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

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I cannot believe how incredible this experience has been. I've put about 10 hours of playtime into this today and I only want to play more. I am a huge comicbook fan but not a big mmo fan, but I was incredibly pleased with the combat and the questlines. I loved hanging out with my comicbook heroes and doing fun little quests for them. Even the fetch quests are made fun by the Joker squawking in at you.

The reason this is a 9 instead of a 10 is the price, it is a little too much. For what they are offering now it is a little bit to much. But people need to understand that this was just as much content as WoW launched with so people need to get this game. There will be expansions and patches that expand the game and make it worth the 15$/month. People need to support it now. We need to support something cool and new so that people will make more of these sorts of games, and please, do not let the price drag you down, it won't be like this forever.
In conclusion I gotta say, it is well worth every penny

Graphical Design: 10
PriceL 8
Overall: 9/10

Please people, support this thing so that developers out there know that gamers support innovation.

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DC fans rejoice

posted by JuggaloWil (LAS CRUCES, NM) Jan 25, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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If you have ever played a MMO before you know that when first released they are clunky, ugly and just plain confusing. But, when given the chance, bugs are fixed kinks are worked out and a better user interface is installed. DCUO does have its kinks right now, but it is one of the better looking MMO's out there. Yes you will be confused at first, but a few helpful people or just a bit of exploring and you got it down. With the promised expansions and updates to fix issues, plus a free 30 days to play, you can easily get to the lvl 30 cap in a few days/months depending how much time you place in it.

DC fans will find all their favorite heroes and villains alive and kicking and will even get a chance to help them out on missions. A unique story line gives you the idea that you are actually there for a reason and not just "logged in gamer 4237" You can be a Superhero just flying along enjoying the sights and spot another hero fighting Bizarro. You could either just watch it unfold, helping him out if he does get knocked out, or jump in the fray and help out and both of you would get the xp after Bizarro takes a dirt nap. Or if your a Villain, why not help Bizarro out and cause a bit of chaos yourself.

With a wide enough fan base this game could one day challenge Blizzard's Titan WoW.

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