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D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series


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Rent GT4 or Forza

posted by Jamall316 (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 6, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This game has good intent but fails at the end. First off, I do drift and I own a 350Z, so I know a little about this.
+ Teaches you the tech niches of drifting
+ All D1 drivers. America and Japan
+ A drifting game
+ Videos of D1 driver talking to you while during one of their runs.
- No since of speed. It says your going 105, but it looks like your going 45.
- Hard to control your car. The cars want to drift on their own.
- Graphics are low. PS1 low.
- NO CUSTOMIZING. Forget about making your own car. You pick a car, then you pick a color, then rims, then pick if you want the wing ON or OFF. That's it.
- Cars are slow

If you have GT4 or Forza, you can setup your cars to drift. It's a pain in the butt, but once you get your favorite car side ways, you'll be smiling all day.

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GF Rating

Very Good

it's fun...ish

posted by hachiroku (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 20, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

When i first heard that this game came out i went everywhere to look for this game and i found it here only at GameFly. im happy now..until i played. unlike the guy above who wrote his review, i actually followed D1 Grand Prix before Formula D was ever a thought. The racers in the game are actual D1 drivers like Kazama, Nob Taniguchi and my favorite Kumakubo who drives the STi. Yes there are some American drivers like Rhys 'Mad Skills' Millen and the Slidin Hawaiian Alex Pfieffer. The thing people don't know is that drifting involves more than having your tail end slide and making donuts. Drifting involves using the e-brake and clutch kicking. The training mode in the game is lame. You score a certain amount of points and you pass. You use some of the techniques and drifting and boom, you pass. Once you pass all of the training, the game gets somewhat frustrating. Points are based on speed, drift angle and direction. The AI is one dimensional. the AI WILL crash into if you lose speed during a drift, causing you to lose points. basically, you crash, get off the track, slow to a crawl or stop drifting, you lose points, which is how D1 scores. all in all, the graphics are PS2 worthy but the commentators need to go. one guy sounds like a translator of Drift King or maybe its him...but he sure sounds like a Jamaican. and the chick is annoying.

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D1 drift disaster

posted by NismoR32 (ROMEOVILLE, IL) Dec 7, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

Ok first off I would like to add that the training missions werent exactly challenging. I passed all of them within 15 minutes.. Just focus and u will succeed. So after these training sessions u go into ur career mode.. There is no good in this so lets start from what sucks big (everything) The choice of cars is pretty minimal ranging from a select few commonly used vehicles in D1, then we go to tuning the car u hesitantly chose. Whats more to say would u like ur wing on or off? Followed by a few horrible paint-jobs per car. Nothing too exciting. All that I noted about this game is it had a decent amount of rims to choose from, but as many know, rims do not make a game good. Then u get into ur first series race. Here is the catch its a 3 session qualifying round with many limitations 1. cannot get ur wheels off the track (cars have poor drifting physics makes that task a real challenge) 2. u must continue drifting throughout the entire turn or ur points well be reset to 0. 3. u cannot slow down to under 10 km/h or u will have another penalty. Once u manage to squeeze urself into the top 16 racers u go head to head in a "tsiso" battle. Once in lead and once in follow. They add another limitation in this. U cannot bump the other car whatsoever or ur points reset to 0. Now think about it, cars have bad handling, its hard to maintain a drift, and now they add the impossible which is maintaining ur drift while doing ur best not to clip the other racer and if u do the slightest bit wrong ur point counter will reset. Impossible? definately. I had this game an entire day just playing and playing. Guess how far I got in the game? nowhere at all. Never made it past the first "tsiso" stage aka side by side drifting.. How are u supposed to win a tournament when u cannot make it past the first race? even after a days worth of experience? This is by far the worst game I have ever played and will be for years to come. I cant wait for GF to receive the game so I can rent ScarFace!

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