Rent Custom Robo for GC
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Custom Robo

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Gameplay Controls

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Custom Robo

Control Stick Move character. Move cursor and make selections.
A Button Speak with other characters. Investigate objects. Confirm new selections.
B Button Cancel selections.
Start/Pause Display Story menu

Control Stick Make selections
Control Pad LEFT = Viewer Mode: Zoom in with Y Button and out with X Button, rotate camera with Control Stick. RIGHT = Return to customization screen.
A Button Confirm customization
B Button Cancel selections. Press again to return to the previous screen.
X Button Display help screen. Press and hold to confirm button functions on the customization screen.
Y Button Display detailed part information in Vs. and Story modes.
Z Button + A Button = Make random selections. Robo parts are chosen randomly from the available parts.
Start/Pause Finish customization. In Story and Arcade modes, this brings up the Battle Preparation screen. In Vs. mode, this begins the battle.

Control Stick Move robo
A Button Jump
B Button Attack with guns
X Button Charge enemies. Use this to charge into and knock down foes.
Y Button Switch between targets in multi-enemy battle scenarios. If you are player 1, press the Y Button to change your target from P2 to P3 to P4, in that order. Switch places with your partner in Tag Battles.
L Button Attack with pods. Use Control Stick + L Button to change the pod's launch direction.
R Button Move targeting reticle. PRess and hold R Button, then use Control Stick to move the targeting reticle. Attack with bombs. Press R Button to launch bombs.
Start/Pause Pause the game and retire from battle