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GF Rating


Repetitively repetitive

posted by davidbonatz (RESTON, VA) May 6, 2012

Member since May 2011

The reasons for the low rating:
- Each day in the game is very similar and thus gets boring very quickly
- Once you find a combo you like, you can pretty much use the same combo against every single computer, and thus get boring
- The out of battle graphics are a throw back to the game boy color (Note the in battle graphics are nice).
- The music is really repetitive and boring
- All robots have the same mount points and the same possible mounts. So nothing fancy to ooh and aah over
- Number of the characters are not special or very unique, and I disliked them to the point I was hoping for bad stuff to happen to them
- Lots of little things that are present in other games of the same genre they could have done to get the player more invested in the game but they did not have. (Example: Let the player choose the name of your team).
- Your character level does nothing (one exception needed to be at certain levels to advance the game), so gaining exp is meaningless
- Since you only need one combo to win all your battles and test out parts before you buy them, so you do not need to buy many parts
- The lack of need to collect exp and money makes random battling almost pointless.

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GF Rating


It was ok

posted by dooger (SYRACUSE, NY) Jul 3, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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This game was ok. I liked the fighting system it was fun to play, BUT this game is very repeditive. It seems like the same day over and over again just with a little tweak. I also gave this game a low rating because i didn't like the fact that you have to buy all of your parts (ecept for the couple that you get in the beginning of the game.) I liked the GAMECUBE version better because when you beat someone you got a part from them. Also the prices are way to high, it's $20 for a gun but you only get like $3 per match in the beginning so it is kind of anoying to get new parts. I give this game a 4 out of 10. (if you have a GAMECUBE or WII you should rent the GAMECUBE version and you'll see what I mean, plus it's way better)

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GF Rating


Its okay I guess

posted by Ilovepuppy (WOODWAY, TX) Aug 17, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

Alright its a pretty good game. Only one problem it gives u horrible head aches!!! I even got a migrane out of playing it!!! its ok play it but be warned of the head aches.

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