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Clunky mountain

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Sep 12, 2009

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6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Hello, this is a clunky fighting game in disguise as an adventure game. It's sort of a hybrid of Silent Hill & Eternal Darkness - but NOT nearly as good as either. Very limited exploration, no creative puzzles & a slow paced goofy story insure your fun will be limited. To top it all off - they add loads of stupid combat with a character who can barely move let alone fight. Our hero is a real lame excuse for a rugged mountain climber. And for the icing on the cake - the Wii controller scheme for this game is plain frustrating. Really wanted to like this one, but alas, it sucked! To better games ahead! My best, D

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Digital toxic waste.

posted by brainofj (HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI) Dec 17, 2009

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7 out of 12 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

This game sucks. Flat out. There are no redeemable features to speak of. Let’s run down the list of this game’s many faults.

Lame pseudo-spooky “cut-scenes” that are really just still shots with color effects? Check.

Dismal two-tone graphics (in this case, a brownish-orange and black) that make it difficult to discern any of your surroundings? Check.

The horrid cliché of “you can’t do the action as described in the manual until the game tells you about it”? Check.

The follow-up cliché of “this item/object/action is available after you do this/go there”? Check.

D-level voice acting? Check.

Obnoxious sound-effects, such as a persistent high-pitched whine that will make you think your Wii’s disc drive is malfunctioning? Check.

Ridiculous holes in the game’s logic, such as a mountain climber who can’t hop up over a chest-high wall in a town, but can jump from one building’s rooftop to another, because it’s the path the game wants you to take? Check.

Needless waggle? Check.

Ponderous in-game “journal” entries that take forever to read, offer no real clues, and are set in a font that requires the Hubble Telescope to magnify to a readable size? Check.

No map system to speak of? Check.

Stock characters and plot (missing brother, eccentric and twisted millionaire, ghosts)? Check.

I take it back. This game has one redeemable feature: you can take it out of the Wii and use it as a shiny coaster.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth a rent

posted by lock0134 (ELY, MN) Apr 10, 2010

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Any vivid horror survival fan should check this game out. As MANY others from the genre it is a slow paced exploring cheap thrill mystery. The story is based on a mountain climber trying to rescue his brother from the Himalayan mountains. The controls can sometimes be awkward and this ends up being it's biggest flaw. Some cut scenes are also unnecessary. The pace of the character can be considered annoying but this is common in these types of games as it's aimed for you to capture the atmosphere and not to be rushed through wielding your m16. The storyline is what really keeps the game going. Throughout your exploration you will come across books and journals which help develop the story based on Asian culture and religion. The sound and music is a great and appropriate addition however the voice over acting is poor. While there are different ways to kill the ghosts your best option is to just slash and hack them with your ice pick rather than using your 3rd eye. This is due to the the poor combat motion system.

story is incredible
music and sound spot on
average graphics for a wii game anyways

voice over acting
motion controls are awkward

IF you are not a fan of slow paced horror survival 3rd person types than you will not like this game.

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