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Controls get in the way of the experience

posted by Renegade17 (COLUMBUS, OH) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

When I first played Cursed Mountain, I thought it was a cool game, it made me tense and cautious, and I even marveled at the graphics a little bit. But then I found out how bad the controls were. Turning the guy was like turning a tank, and movement was sluggish. As hard as I tried to ignore the controls, I found myself making mistakes over and over again because I couldn't turn the character enough, or so much that I missed my target. What was marvel turned into frustration and I grew tired of taking hits or missing items because the character couldn't move the way I wanted him to.

Everything else about the game is pretty good, although the story could use a little work, I was engaged in the game enough, the atmosphere was great, the tense situation of not knowing what was ahead was exciting to me. The music was in tune with the game itself, keeping everything in that scary tone without overdoing it. Overall, I would say if you can tolerate the clunky controls and you like scary games, give it a try, you might be surprised at what you might find.

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Great game!!! Silent hill, Resident Evil fans ONLY

posted by treboose (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jan 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

DO NOT believe the other reviews you read about this game.
Cursed Mountain is a well done game with Silent hill elements. It also has Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness elements as well. If you enjoyed the silent hill games and the classic resident evil games then you will feel right at home with Cursed Mountain.
Graphics: 8
The game looks good! Solid graphics, nice effects.( there not 360 or PS3 graphics) There are parts of the game where u will pass through an area where the camera will tilt and the colors are washed out witch give the game a creepy feel.( kinda like Silent hill, Eternal Darkness camera angles)
Game play: 9
The game is fun to play. I specially like killing the ghost with a swing of the wiimote. Our hero may be a little slow for some people but it did not bother me one bit.( its a survival horror game what do u expect) again if u love silent hill then u will have no problem.
Story: 10
The story is well done and thought out. Its a different and refreshing story. It has a lot to do with religion and the a cult. The story will suck you in.
Controls: 8
OK if you have trouble playing this game then you just suck at video games. I did not have one problem with the controls at all. the screen tells me to swing the wiimote, i do, it works every time. Simple!!
Sound: 8
Not much music in the game but you wont even notice. there is a lot of ambient sounds. there are parts where you will hear people whispering and people in pain like if there south of heaven. Does a good job of keeping the scare factor up.

This game is a must Rent or BUY for Survival horror fans.( specially when its only 20 bux. be quick cuz they did not make a lot of copies of this game so it might be hard to find soon.) You wont be disappointing. Its not for people who only play Call of Duty or button mashing games. This is for intelligent gamers who have patience and like a good story.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Slow, but pretty cool.

posted by wrongbad (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Oct 2, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

PROS: While the presentation seems fictional this games actually refers to real myths and deities and adheres to the religious canon. My wife is a Religious Studies major and she was impressed with the conceptual idea of the story.
Also I found that while this game lacks in overall playability it more than makes up for it with originality. I found the overall quest to be intriguing and the mini-quests difficult but not tedious.

CONS: This game is really boring and seriously should not even be referred to as a game. Your character moves like a WWII vet with a limp--a.k.a. slow--and that is while he is running.
Furthermore, I managed to clear the first level and most of the second before I started to get a sense for what is going on. You are constantly bombarded with fragments of a story that doesn't really make any sense or have much of a premise and I kinda got the impression that the developers made it up as they went along. My favorite part here is when your character learns to use his third eye from a 10 second conversation with a monk that pops out of nowhere and is never seen or brought up again.

OVERALL: Again, I would not call this a game where it not for the fact that you are on a quest and supposedly killing stuff (ghosts can't really be killed, but when they are it looks pretty cool). Despite the heavy cons I actually really liked this game. The setting was new and the concepts were exploratory. I highly recommend this game for mature thinkers and not so much for the quick action button jammers. Heck, this is GameFly, give it a shot and you might like it.

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