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Culdcept Saga - The good, the bad & the ugly

posted by fakeblood (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

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Culdcept Saga can best be described as the offspring of Magic: The Gathering type card games, & Monopoly type board games.

Story - The story in Culdcept Saga is almost non existent. You are sold into slavery & must battle your way out. You then accompany a princess on a journey. The story is very bare bones and ambiguous. Enough said.

Sound - The soundtrack is pretty good & suits the environments, but because an area can take hours to complete, there is not enough variety. Sound effects are mediocre at best & the voice acting is really bad.

Graphics - While the graphics are crisp & colorful, & the illustrations on the 500+ cards are beautiful to behold, the game is certainly not up to par with Xbox 360 graphics. This looks more like a PS2 game (with HD/widescreen support).

Gameplay - The game's only saving grace. You'll take turns against the AI in the single player campaign, or other players online, rolling & moving around a game board.

You'll randomly draw creatures, as well as spells & items to aid them in battle from your deck of 50 cards (which you can compile from your entire collection before each stage). You must travel around the board & reach all the forts before returning to the castle. On the way you'll place creatures, increase the land value to make your opponent pay a toll if they land on it & lose the battle, and invade the opponents lands. Whoever reaches a certain numerical value of gold/land value etc. first wins.

Defeating your opponent will net you about a dozen new cards, while losers still get a few cards before being forced to try again.

A final note is the difficulty & frustration level of the game. There is a great deal of skill involved, but also a great deal of luck to negate your skill. Many times the AI seems much luckier than you, not to mention at each stage they have access to more/better cards. There will be times you lose after hours of battle.

Even the small group of gamers this will appeal to should try before buying.

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Fun but long

posted by BS64xx (ELIZABETH, NJ) Aug 4, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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I really like card games so when I saw this game I went right for it. It plays like a mix of Yugioh and Monopoly being that you use cards and move around a board. It was fun and once you start its really hard to stop. The only real problem I had with it was the same problem I have with Monopoly which is that it's too long. One of the matches took me almost an hour to finish and no card game should go on for that long. The story is a little weird but I was having so much fun that I kind of forgot about the story after awhile. If you like card games you should buy it because if you rent it you might have it for a long time.

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What a great game

posted by Ace1177 (MESQUITE, TX) Apr 25, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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Many people have said this game is like monopoly and yugioh and/or magic the gathering and that is the best way to explain the game.

Culdcept Saga is simply a very fun game, even if you don't like card games in real life. In the game you get to pick from many different cards that range from fire and earth all the to neutral cards. In the game if you place a certain card on the corresponding land you get a bonus while the neutral cards to not get a bonus they normally have special card effects to make up for this.

While the single player is a great part of the game I think the online play is where the game shines. Win or lose you will get some cards (at random) that you can add to your deck to make it stronger. The more you play through single player the more things you will unlock such as rare cards to more items you can use on your avatar in game (the avatar is the person that moves around the board letting you summon creatures)

So over all this game has lots to offer but as I said the multiplayer is by far the best thing about the game in MP there are many different ways to play other people to a simple 1v1 or even a 1v1v1 but my favorite is 2v2 as my friend and I made our decks to play off eachother. Even if you just started the game and don't have the best deck to play against someone else there is a setting called "blind match" that lets you pick a type of deck at random and lets you play with it. So everyone you are playing against get a random deck so you have a better chance to win and in this setting while it is not your deck you will get to keep the cards you get at the end of the match so you can upgrade your deck.

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