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GF Rating

559 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Control Stick Walk/Run/Rebite (tap down while already biting enemy)
Control Pad EZ-Mute (left/right)
A Button Jump/Shake off enemy (repeated press)
B Button Block/Release
X Button Reverse/Diet Plan
Y Button Intimidate/Position Camera
Z Button Discard uneeded colors (take a Doo)
L Button Lock ON to an enemy
C Stick Move Camera
Start/Pause Pause Menu (select from Bestiary, Status and Rulebook)
Combo #1 Get Up Quickly: Control Stick + A Button
Combo #2 Hunting and Being Hunted: Use the L Button to target, or Lock On to an enemy. While holding the Ll Button, use the A Button to Pounce. Attack until the enemy's Stomach Gauge has been depleted. When your enemy is down, lock on him again with the L Button. Then press the A Button to BITE his Meat. While biting, hold the Control Stick down to Tear Off his Meat.