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Eat and survive as a cubivore.

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Jun 12, 2009

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In this game, some evil cubivores are taking over the forest and killing other cubivores! You play as Piggy. He is a cubivore that looks like a pig, he wants to be the king of all cubivores! After he's alive he must eat and grow strong. The point of this game is eating. By him eating the evil cubivores "raw meat" YOU GET STRONGER! Then you have to return the forests power and color back. When you find the mating grounds female cubivores will fall in love with Piggy. After they mate you can be the baby! THEN you continue the journey. I was a little impressed with graphics. The story isn't bad, but it needs more work. Overall, it is an alright game if you like it.

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Some Short-Term Entertainment Value

posted by RamCow (HONOLULU, HI) Feb 11, 2010

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The game is fun at first just for its quirky nature but the game gets so darn repetitive that you'll likely lose interest before beating it.

At various points you turn into a different animal and essentially lose all your progression with additional limbs. Furthermore, the game is very linear. You walk from point A to point B. No point C to explore.

It's quirky and fun at first, but gets old fast.

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Worse than my least expectations

posted by fnf101 (HINTON, WV) Feb 10, 2009

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You start off reading tons of text that doesn't make much sense. At times the text is impossible to read because of the background being a very light color (blends together). The story (or text) isn't important in this type of sim, I understand that, but it would be nice if you could skip it.

This game could have been made on the ps1 or N64. The cheap cube limbs lessen the sense of what you're doing in the game. There isn't a feeling of the cubes being animals in their own style, just doesn't seem like the game designer didn't do his homework or any homework on animals. The reproduction part of the game isn't good either, you get to upgrade your limbs. If you were to create your own micro ecosystem with your family, then that would have been something (this is implying the game isn't setup to be level by level which it is).

I'm not going to buy this game for $30 on Ebay. I would spend $8 or less, just for the sake of having it. Atlus never makes enough copies of games :(

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