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Very Good

Playing is a Fun Time

posted by Scootercoconut (AURORA, IL) Jun 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

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Cubic Ninja allows players to go in a journey with a ninja, without the need for pressing buttons or moving circle pads. The main objective is to move from start to finish, while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
Many of you have probably heard this game doesn't actually support 3D. However, it can if you want. Then you can control your ninja with the circle pad. The 3D in the game is pretty great. The real fun though, is when 3D mode is turned off. When it is off, the game will let you move your ninja using the 3DS's motion controls. This makes the game much more fun. The motion controls work much easier than the circle pad.
The game contains five worlds to explore, including ones with fire, wind, and water. These worlds have 20 levels each. Although a level doesn't take much time at all, I got a little tired of the same thing over and over again. I would have liked it better if the worlds were just a few levels shorter, and maybe add an extra world. Levels and bosses also sometimes take awhile, since if your ninja gets hurt once, he dies and you have to restart.
There is also a mode that allows you to create your own levels. You have to play through story mode to get parts though, and the bar that tells you the limit of objects in your level fills up way too quickly. You won't be spending much time creating levels.
I feel like there wasn't enough content in Cubic Ninja. It eventually got repetitive, too. It's definitely worth a rent, but it's up to you if you want to keep.

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GF Rating


Interesting Motion-Control Game, Wrong Platform

posted by rogenjemi (PLAINVILLE, CT) Apr 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

"Exciting Ninja Action, no buttons required!" touts UbiSoft's latest 3DS offering. After suffering through Steel Diver's 'periscope' controls, I tried my best to keep minds open and expectations low.
After playing through the first area in its entirety (taking about 45 minutes real-time) I felt I could easily type this review with no reservations.
Here's the thing: after completing that first area, I packed the game back in its mailer & sent it on its way. Why? Was it really that horrible?
Bottom line: absolutely not. This was a clever puzzle/platform offering with an engaging control scheme. So why only 45 min. of QT? Simply put, this game is on the wrong platform. Some less-experienced reviewers may poo on this title, stating that why would a 3DS game be published without the system's touted 3D effect? UbiSoft made both a smart AND insipid move here at the same time. With all the game's required moves of sideways, flat, face-down, etc. the 3D effect would have made this title UNPLAYABLE. And there lies the Catch-22. If the platform's chief feature needs to be disabled to make your title playable, would it not be a better business decision to publish on a more suitable platform?
And there lies the Conclusion. Had this game been released for iOS, Wii, iPod, even regular DS or Android, UbiSoft would have a Half-to-One Million Unit selling title here. As it is, there is no audience for a soccer game played on a baseball diamond, which is analogous to Cubic Ninja's unfortunate release.

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