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GF Rating


Great Game, Just Short

posted by mlbplayer40 (COLUMBUS, GA) Mar 4, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game was a great sandbox first person action thriller. I was disappointed with the whole bow idea, the bow is great but completely unnecessary as if you had to go out of your way to use it. The game only last about 5 hours if you don't spend hours being killed! The game pretty much gives you everything at the get go and what's left is a few upgrades that don't matter much. The humans were very weak, and the cyphs were very strong. I'll give this game a 7.

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GF Rating


Nothing Special

posted by mlemahieu (HORTONVILLE, WI) Mar 1, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game really isn't that great. I thought I would try this game since I've heard people talking about it a lot and I unfortunately found this game to be a huge disappointment. They have you do these stupid mini games which I could care less about. The graphics aren't that great either and could of been a lot better in my opinion.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Feb 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Crysis 3 is a technical beauty, even on the consoles. While the series originated on the PC and showcased itself as a technical marvel, the graphics do a formidable job on the consoles. But, the game will have longer life for PC gamers because of the maximum potential. For consoler gamers, the replay value may not be as high since CoD and BF have bigger communities; Crysis 3 will soon be forgotten on the consoles.

While this may seem like a negative on the overall outlook, the game is still very good. A mix between the Crysis 1 and 2 campaigns, the large maps allow gamers to utilize many different paths to their mission, either by stealth or frontal assault, the variety of how you complete your missions is there. Unfortunately, the campaign did little for me to keep me thoroughly interested since it only takes between 6-8 hours to beat.

The multiplayer is acceptable, and the game introduces perks similar to the CoD system. Although it works, it feels too similar and will not amaze you by any means. The hunter mode (I believe is what it was called) is a very fun mode where a few nanosuit-equipped players kill enemy operatives; afterwards, those operatives turn into nanosuit-wearers and kill the rest of the operatives until there is one left. It is a very interesting game mode, but the Crysis 3 community, on consoles at least, may not be large enough to keep this interesting in the long run.

Overall, the game is very good, and Crysis fans will enjoy it, but those gamers who feel the first-person-shooter genre has become too stale, this game probably will not change your mind.

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