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Very Good


posted by TheSnowGator (OMAHA, NE) Feb 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Crysis 3 is a technical beauty, even on the consoles. While the series originated on the PC and showcased itself as a technical marvel, the graphics do a formidable job on the consoles. But, the game will have longer life for PC gamers because of the maximum potential. For consoler gamers, the replay value may not be as high since CoD and BF have bigger communities; Crysis 3 will soon be forgotten on the consoles.

While this may seem like a negative on the overall outlook, the game is still very good. A mix between the Crysis 1 and 2 campaigns, the large maps allow gamers to utilize many different paths to their mission, either by stealth or frontal assault, the variety of how you complete your missions is there. Unfortunately, the campaign did little for me to keep me thoroughly interested since it only takes between 6-8 hours to beat.

The multiplayer is acceptable, and the game introduces perks similar to the CoD system. Although it works, it feels too similar and will not amaze you by any means. The hunter mode (I believe is what it was called) is a very fun mode where a few nanosuit-equipped players kill enemy operatives; afterwards, those operatives turn into nanosuit-wearers and kill the rest of the operatives until there is one left. It is a very interesting game mode, but the Crysis 3 community, on consoles at least, may not be large enough to keep this interesting in the long run.

Overall, the game is very good, and Crysis fans will enjoy it, but those gamers who feel the first-person-shooter genre has become too stale, this game probably will not change your mind.

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GF Rating


prepare 4 a CRYSIS

posted by twitch36 (CANDLER, NC) Feb 28, 2013

Member since May 2012


This is by far 1 of the best fps games ive played in a long time, that sied.

-the good-

for 1 theres NO online code witch is a major plus 4 EA on this one. the graphics on campain mode are flawless , with huge sandbox levels its not a open world enviorment like say FAR CRY 3 but still fun none the less. the story is way more interesting than the games b4 it and rly dose a good job at keeping you hooked throughout. New wepons and abilitys keep the game fun and it never seems 2 get old. has great replay value.

-the gameplay-

the gameplay is very smooth and crisp. and the ability 2 customize ur gun on the fly without ever touching a menu screen is awsome. Evrything you could want out of a FPS is in this game, being able 2 slide and shoot, grabing onto ledges above you, going invisable, thermal vision, body armor at the press of a button, INSANE wepons, the list gos on and on. and 4 the controls this game dose evrything right, any1 can pick up the sticks and play well after a min or 2, very fun game.

- Multiplayer-

THE FUNNIST multiplayer in a FPS in a long while. CRYSIS 3 multiplayer is just as good if not better than 2days top elites like COD or HALO. CRYSIS DOSE EVRYTHING JUST RIGHT ON THIS 1 the ranking system is pretty much perfect, the wepons and perks are all very cool and powerful, crysis 3 is very fasted pased so campers rly dont exist. All of ur abilitys/perks work very well but theres a counter 4 evry1 to keep it fair. the maps are by far the best ive seen in a FPS since halo 2. shotguns are not overpowerd, u can defend agenst them, theres always gonna b snipers but theres rly no quick scopein on here so you dnt get poped as much. it dosent get much better than CRYSIS 3 for multiplayer fun

- the bad-

the campain is pretty short and perdictable. on multiplayer there r some slight glitches, it takes a sec or 2 at the begining of evry game 4 the whole map 2 render (no big deal tho). and u may find urself gettin stuck i

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GF Rating


John Rambo in a nanosuit

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Feb 28, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

Crysis 3 is another killer first person shooter in the series by Crytek. The new Cry Engine 3 looks amazing, sound quality is great, the story and campaign are solid as usual, and even the online play is competitive and fun. It's amazing Crysis as you expect, with the addition of the deadly predator bow that makes C3 standout.

The story revolves around your character, Prophet, and his crazy nanosuit that we all dream of owning. His contact in Crysis 2 with the Ceph have transfered some of their powers/DNA into his suit. So he's got some crazy stuff going on, but Prophet still knows how to kill like a true unstoppable assassin. He's trying to stop the Ceph now and you deal with them and human Cell agents.

Best played on higher difficulties, Crysis 3 can still be played as a stealth game or run n gun shooter. Or combine both for variety of skill kills. The open worldish type environment gives you plenty of ways to explore and take on a level. You can disappear with cloaking to sneak in and stealth kill or avoid enemies, or simply use your crazy weapon and powers to kill everyone you see.

The new Predator Bow is simply badfreakingasss. Of course Prophet can make a bow look as awesome as it did in Rambo 3. It allows you to fire while cloaking, so you can pick off enemies at will. This new bow carries over to online play, and changes combat in Crysis more than anything else. It also has 4 different ammo types so you can string together electric kills on water or blow up some dudes with explosive Rambo arrow tips.

Crysis 3 suffers from some bugs, glitches, and freezes, but I'm willing to deal with them for the overall package. Online play can also be laggy, but it's under rated for sure. The ability to put together crazy power combinations and cloak/armor kills can be awesome. This game is definitely worth renting, and can be played free online (thanks EA).

Milt Drucker

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