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GF Rating


replay ability

posted by jspawn89 (GLENN HEIGHTS, TX) Jul 6, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

it was a very interesting game to say the best of. I found it challenging, but once you finish the game you expect to keep what you have accomplished and try to get all the rest you have miss on the first run through. I rate the reply-ability at 2. the designers need to catch up todays gamers and allow: save points, replay-ability, and in-game leveling that grants bonus to the gamers accomplishments.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than the Second

posted by AC3_fan (WASHBURN, ND) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

I rented this game hoping that it would be a fun experience. I am glad to say that I am proved right. The first thing that I notice were the absolutely stunning graphics, everything in this game was just beautiful. Next is the gameplay. I did enjoy the gameplay even though I just took the stealth route. I love stealth and this game does not disappoint in letting you play the way you want. My favorite thing in this whole game is the bow, it is a one hit kill on people and a one hit kill above the chest on the ceph aliens. This brings me to my next point and one of the few problems in this game. I do not like how it takes SO MANY bullets to kill one ceph if you are using a regular machine gun or rifle. The last problem I have in this game is the final boss battle. Don't get me wrong it was cool but it was nothing really special or epic. The multiplayer is fun and should keep you busy for at least a little while. Overall this game was great and much better than the second. Story was strong, gameplay was stellar, graphics were stunning, and the multiplayer does not disappoint. If you are a crysis fan or didn't really like the second one, trust me this game was much better and you will have a lot of fun.

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GF Rating


A Worthwhile Action Title

posted by GermanThunder (ROCHESTER, NY) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

For those of you deciding on whether or not crysis 3 belongs in your Q I suggest that your decision comes from what kind of experience you want. The campaign is short but satisfying like crysis 2 and multiplayer is barely satisfying but is something that should be tried out. The overall story of the crysis series has a few bumps and loose ends but if you want a slightly engaging tale then this game does fine. Action is seamless and is probably the best thing bout the game. Jumping from stealth to full on firefights is riveting. Stealthily maneuvering around is tough and just moving from spot to spot at all is a hassle, I wish the developers added the function of climbing ledges and accessing the torn buildings around you on some levels. Overall level design looks cool but the actual fighting environment is not engaging as you mostly fight out in the open and makes stealth nearly impossible in later levels. Heavier enemies are a complete nuisance and act as sponges if you dont have alien tech, I wish there was someway to take them down manually if you stun them in a certain spot. The levels also demand the use of different weapons which leads me to want the ability to carry 3 and maybe even 4 weapons at a time to adapt to different situations. Overall it is great as an action game and I suggest you play crysis 2 before or after this.

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