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GF Rating

Very Good

cool game

posted by ksambad (SANTA ROSA, CA) Aug 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

story and suit powers are cool, got thru the story and multiplayer was pretty cool, no hardcore(COD) tho kinda was a turn off. guns are cool overall a fun play

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GF Rating



posted by THELORDDEATH99 (FLORISSANT, MO) Aug 20, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Crysis 2 was a great game to me. The gameplay was fun and difficult, and the fact that Alcatraz didn't talk added to the idea that he was a "grunt". Crysis 3 was a mixed bag. Some problems weren't fixed from Crysis 2. Some were worsened. There were some steps forward though. The bow was a welcome addition, allowing you to fire arrows stealthily while cloaked. Also, the ability to fire a few gun shot with a silencer while cloaked was good as well. The auto marking system with the visor was a nice improvement. But, there are some negatives. When spotted, my thought is to use stealth to escape so the enemy will think I've left. But instead, the enemy remains on caution. This was a drawback to me because the enemies don't continue their patrol routes, making stealth much more difficult. Also, I hoped that stealth kills would no longer require the cloak, but they still do. The story in Crysis 3 was confusing in the beginning. I knew that Prophet was back(somehow) in this game, but I don't recall him being captured by Cell. I wasn't used to have a talking protagonist in this game, but it almost didn't matter. All of Prophets comrades(new and old)think that Prophet is becoming more and more like a machine. It was an interesting idea, but I liked Alcatraz's "just a grunt" feeling more. The pace is a little fast for my taste. The alien menace, the Ceph, are back fairly early on, but there's no reason to fight them. Instead of nano catalyst, there are new pickups that give you upgrades. This resulted in me not fighting the Ceph as much. The characters didn't stand out to me, but there was a plot twist that took me by surprise. The story mode took me about 8ish hours. That said, I finished it the same day I rented it, so it kept me pulled in. The ending was... interesting and better than most game endings. Overall, Crysis 3 was a good game, but it wasn't nearly as good as Crysis 2 to me. It had awesome moments, like using Ceph weapons. It's a 7/10.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Pretty good

posted by parkpunk (KETCHUM, ID) Jul 12, 2013

Member since Aug 2005

Great game mechanics. Right up there with Call Of Duty. Graphics are awesome too. Weapons are great. Cool upgrades and nice to be able to change them during the game.
I'm just not a huge fan of Sci-Fi or horror shooters. This is both. They get old fast for me. It's also a very busy game. There's a lot going on. Overwhelming at times.

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