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Crysis 3 coming in the future

posted by TECHNINE9 (LEANDER, TX) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

This game is great. Beautiful graphics, good story, great upgrade mechanics. I love how you can modify guns and abilities on the fly to adapt to certain situations. Multiplayer needs work but overall, a great game.

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posted by DMGRTr9000 (FOUNTAIN, CO) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

So just to make it more clear, I will not have anything to do with Crysis 3 unless it meets at least the more prominent of these things. No recharge delay. Better armor implementation: armor will soak up a rediculous amount of energy and you are forced to use it when you are trapped, making it hard to escape the trap you cant sprint out of. Armor should mitigate damage at the cost of recharge speed instead. Better sprint implementation: Problem number 2 would be solved completely if the old system of sprinting was reinstituted, making players be able to sprint but enhancing the sprint greatly by having a dedicated power button, but also implementing number two would be nice. Getting rid of the delay when picking up enemies and throwing them and objects: you didnt grab that enemy in the first place unless you planned at throwing him at another enemy, HARD. This problem could also be solved simply by making a dedicated power button. Traditional level design and a DECENT story, though thats probably impossible because the damage to the story is already done unless years pass, and locales are changed. Crytek find another pub lisher if EA is the cause of these problems. Have enough time to Beta test and get rid of EA as a pub lisher if they dont care so that there wont be so many glitches and we can come back to the Crysis we all know and love. This game was a fun shooter, but your suit really took a back seat compared to what it should have taken and it had an annoying amount of AI glitches, and for some reason underbarrel grenade launchers suck bad, while C4 and rockets are fine. Although the explosive range of many of those weapon types are simply way too small. Multiple different stealth kill animations would be nice. I actually did like the left stick implementation for power, but it would be very nice to have a dedicated power button.

So the bottom line is that this was a call of duty clone, with small changes made with the suit powers. Tradition was scrapped.

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woops! wrong end of rating

posted by thegamefuzz01 (VICTOR, NY) Apr 3, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

this game sucked applesauce

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