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A well made game for COD,Halo lovers, or anyone.

posted by soupperson (EAGLE RIVER, AK) Jan 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

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Think of Crysis 2 as either a stealthy, yet hardcore game, or a stragey game and if you make the wrong move, your dead.

Crysis 2 is basicaly Halo tatics and COD weapons combined to make a very balanced game. The campain has a deep story line that continues from the original, also is very long, but rewarding. The Multiplayer, however, is what most gamers call "the main part of the game." It offers alot of customization options that can suit any gamer to thier heart's content, from the sneky Tracker perk which allows you to see enemy foot steps, the stealthy blind eye perk which covers you from Maximum Radar, or the Visor enchancer, which highlights enemys though weapon scopes, a sniper's best friend. Of course, the are many more than these.

Now i'll talk about the thing that makes Crysis 2 "unique." The Nanosuit, which turns humans into "Super humans." The nanosuit gives you abilities that COD or Halo gamers dream of. First of all, there's armor module, which enchances your health. With this you can survive almost anything. Jump of a buliding, check. Survive a missile, what a joke. Back stab, err no. Then there's the tag system, which allows you to tag enemys and see them anywhere on the map. Its always fun stalking people and then killing them. Finnaly, there's the Stealth module, the ultimate weapon in this game. You literaly turn invisible (enemys can still see you, just barly) and then start assasinating to your heart's content. you can run though a whole enemy base without being spotted, and then attack from behind. You will be in this mode over 75% of the game in this mode.

I rate this game as a 10 since this is the best fps game i've ever played. Plus, you may not know it, but i'll always be behind you, always...(btw, soupman is not my real ps3 name, i will be the guy that kills alot, but never dies, well i may die, but not often, plus i got a mic ;))

Also, this game offers plenty of achivements and dlc, too.

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Awesome, best game i have played in a while.

posted by chance17 (ENID, OK) Sep 11, 2011

Member since Sep 2009

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Great game with the best graphics i have seen in a long time. The ability to customize your gun on the go, and tun invisible or charge head on into combat or not is what kept drawing me back to the game. I never played multiplayer so i cant say anything about it. In my opinion definitely worth buying or renting.

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Very Good

Great S/P, M/P OK

posted by salaros (PORTLAND, TN) Apr 17, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Ever since I played Crysis on the PC, I've been waiting for this to come out. And here it is. The S/P campaign is great, I never cared to much for the M/P on the 1st one and this is about the same. Everyone is cloaked most of the time and literally running over each other. If you enjoyed the 1st Crysis S/P, then you'll like this one. You may even enjoy the M/P, it just wasn't for me. The graphics are what really make it stand out, probably the best the PS3 has seen thus far.

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