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I would do digusting things for a Nanosuit

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 29, 2011

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Crysis always looked so badasss to me mainly because I love most the things I can't have, and I'm not a PC gamer so I never played Crysis. I'm starting to reconsider PC gaming if this is what they have. Plus what dude in their right mind wouldn't want to feel like a demigod in one of those sick Nanosuits?

If you can get rid of the sci-fi aspect of Halo but keep all the things that make it amazing, you'd have half of Crysis 2. The graphics and sound are unbelievable and replay value very high. It's the package deal here. I could've used some cooler weapons, but when you have a Nanosuit, does it need to be Ratchet & Clank?

It took me 10+ hours to play through the amazing campaign and I couldn't wait to start over on a higher difficulty. Along with a campaign bursting with awesomeness, you have stellar online play Crysis is known for. The Nanosuit completely changes gameplay, creating a unique blend of stealth or guns blazing players.

With the Nanosuit, you can cloak yourself or add armor with the click of a bumper. You can walk right past guys with cloak, or stealth kill them from behind. With armor on, bullets get deflected and you take way more damage. So in MP, you have guys running around all over with armor, and then you have the campers who cloak it and sit back and wait for someone to run by. All this requires strategic use of the Nanosuit's energy levels, so you can't cloak or armor forever.

If this had co-op campaign mode it'd be the best game of the year so far. Online play is very deep with hundreds of unlockables, but a very limited weapon selection. You can upgrade elements of the Nanosuit every time you level-up, get new perks for the Nanosuit, improved armor/cloak, or buy new weapons, attachments, etc. Crytek, Cry Engine 3, and anything with Cry in front of it is amazing (to not be confused with terrible Far Cry games). Send me an invite if you want to squad it up online.

Milt Drucker

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Simply Beautiful

posted by CanadianVandal (SPRING, TX) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

The game certainly lives up to the developers statement that Crysis 2 is the best looking console game to date. It is simply beautiful. It is hard to distinguish between cut scenes and actual game play. The campaign is lengthy and will leave you satisfied. The multi-player is addictive, I said "this is the last game" about 20 times until 5am. There are some minor bugs and minor frame-rate issues. The game is not perfect, but it comes pretty close. Makes Black Ops look like a Ninteno64 game.
Must buy or rent!
My Rating 9.0

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Must Play

posted by edwardo711 (KINGSTON, NY) Mar 27, 2011

Member since Jul 2007

This game is excellent. A mix of halo and COD with some different elements that make it stand alone. If your a fan of FPS than you have to play this game. Nuff said

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