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The No Fun Ship

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 16, 2009

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If my friends could see me on this cruise, they would probably stop being my friends. What kind of vacation is this? “Hey kids, come on board the SS Minigame and try your hand at some of the ten mini games (Trap Shoot, Shuffleboard, Skiiball, Table Tennis, Miniature Golf, Driving Range, Rock Climbing, Slots, Routelle, and a card game which I can’t say the name to because it’s one letter way from an obscene word. )
“Forget about sightseeing or the food - who needs that when you and up to three other players can waste your time playing mini games?”
These games are awful. They take the most basic ideas and slap motion controls onto them. For example: the Miniature Golf only has 18 holes, split into three sets of six, and most holes are uninspired.
The Blackjack game forces you to bet the same amount for every hand - something you would never do at a real Blackjack table.
The Rock Climbing is nothing more than a basic Match Three game that’s a very bad imitation of Bejeweled.
Skeet Shooting was fun - for about one round or two - then it got boring and repetitive.
The only game I liked of the bunch was Shuffleboard because the controls are natural; the game has a real feel to it.
So why bother with this game? Well, you can collect tokens by winning these games in Single Player mode to buy outfits that look like every other outfit available except for slight change in colors. There’s also accessories which really … add nothing to your already bland character.
You can also buy a better gun for the Skeet Shooting game or better putters for the Miniature Golf, but in order to get enough tokens for that, you’d have to play several of these mini games in Single Player Mode - and about the tenth game, I’m ready to abandon ship.
Here’s hoping a financial iceberg smashes into the cruise liner, and forces Cruise Ship: Vacation Games out of business. SKIP IT

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Really Bad

cruise ship

posted by frenches10 (KENT, OH) Sep 28, 2010

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this game is kind of boring not something that I would want to play all the time it maybe good if you just had surgery and can't move around much other than that I would not get this game if your looking for excitement

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ehhhh its mildly entertaining for short periods

posted by drtygorica (PALO ALTO, CA) Mar 4, 2010

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It entertains me once every couple months for a half hour at a time. Renting it isnt so bad, but you will probably return it quickly. I actually bought it at Fry's in the bargain bin for about $4 so I don't feel bad about it. Its just ok. I have played worse, like that summer sports 2. That was awful.

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