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don037's review

posted by Don037 (DUPO, IL) May 9, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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Cruis'n is a standard checkpoint racing game in the style of the old Nintendo 64 games Cruis'n USA and Cruis'n the world. It's more like the second one I mentioned, because of the wheelies and trick system. I can say this game works well with the Wii wheel but controls weren't the problem. The problems start with the long load times. I grew up with cartridge games and any load time sucks but most Wii games load fairly quickly. This one did not. Also, it seems buggy and I'd get caught by invisible walls. One more thing is that I couldn't seem to draft the other cars. This made it difficult to win races. You can upgrade your car but even the best car fully upgraded will get passed like it's not moving. This is a bare minimum game. Only 11 tracks and about 8 cars. There's not much to do. Once I unlocked all the tracks, I saw no reason to continue playing. With the buggy walls and unforgiving A.I., I see no reason to even rent this game. I rated this game a 3 because it works at the very least but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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Two generations old.

posted by 35yrgamer (CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY) Dec 2, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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Ok well first thing up is that this is no excite truck. Wii Arcade racing can be fun if done right, the trouble is that this game isn't done right.
Bad graphics, bad framerates, bad control, bad AI, no online, and all around bad experience. It seems to me that this game trys to be like RUSH, but can't pull it off. For example you can rid on two wheels, pull wheelies, and grab some big air. but the big air lasts less then 2 seconds, and most of the time when your on two wheels its because your literaly driving on the side of a solid building. I have had glitches where my car got stuck in otherwise solid objects.
To make a long story short, do yourself a favor and avoid this game. I whish I did.

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The Wii Shovel ware wave continues...

posted by zMDude (SOUTHFIELD, MI) Dec 23, 2007

Member since Dec 2003

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In another shameless attempt to cash in on a Wii audience that has shown a distinct failure to reject bad games, Midway has ported 2004's Fast and the Furious arcade machine to the Wii, under the name of the joint Midway/Nintendo owned Cruis'n moniker.

It's just too bad that, 1. The game is a lazy port job whose best extra are commercials for other bad games. 2. The arcade game itself isn't very good to begin with.

As has become standard with every Wii game that involved racing, Cruis'n's big improvement is that you can steer the car with the Wii remote. This feels more natural than pressing a control stick, but you sacrifice precision. While this isn't a big loss in a game like Excite truck, you can't help but to be frustrated by smacking into on coming traffic(and losing your lead to the obviously rubber banding AI.)

The game features twelve tracks, designed in and around areas of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Unlike, say, PGR, The tracks are linear A to B races that place realism or city accuracy at the bottom of the priorities list. This should be no shock to long time Cruis'n fans, but it's embarrassing to see multiple Empire State Buildings and Transamerica Pyramids within plain view of each other.

While I'm speaking of things that look embarrassing, the game's graphics will make you feel like you've been sent back the Dreamcast days. That this game, made in 2004 couldn't beat Sega's 1999 swan song's visuals is bad enough, that it has to compete against 2007's racers is much worse.

Due to the game's arcade nature, you will see all this game has to offer within two hours. You can upgrade your car between races and earn more by winning money, but you will quickly grow bored of the short tracks beforehand.

I can't recommend this game to anybody but the most nostalgic Cruis'n fans and gamers with no sense of quality. At 30 dollars, this game's asking price is 25 dollars too high.

Rent it and forget it. Better yet? Just forget it.

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