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A very fun RPG that gets unfair reviews

posted by 666Lildemo (NORTH VERNON, IN) Jul 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I've read alot of reviews that made me hesitant to even bother picking up this game, but i went ahead and got it because i love disgaea,and figured a game with a Prinny cant be all bad. I'm very glad i did.

Everyone complains about the "way too complex" battle system, but after 5 battles i understood all the basics and had no problem with it, in fact i had a great time trying to figure out all the combos and such.
I believe most the people who are reviewing these games dont play much in the role-playing department, so they complain that its too hard and complex even though any rpg fan will catch on in minutes.

Another thing that everyone complains about are the graphics, and if you'r looking for an amazing 3d game, quit looking at jrpg's, the graphics aren't amazing or anything, but if you appreciate the style of sprites then you'll love them as much as i do, a game doesnt have to be full 3d to make it enjoyable, and if you think that then stop looking at games like this.

I didn't care much for alot of the music, i just dont enjoy music in games, but the voiceovers were great, both in japanese and english, and i enjoyed the sounds of battle as well.

For some odd reason, alot of the reviews complain about the variety of characters, which is kind of the whole point of this kind of mish-mash game, i enjoyed playing with each of the chars and unlocking thier skills, learning their combos, etc.

As far as replayability goes, theres alot to do, following the "trueend" will get you the good ending, several extra characters, and unlocks 3 extra zones and alot of fun new bosses, not to mention there are tons of armors/weapons/items to make yourself, and if you enjoy earning trophys you'll want to unlock them all.

In closing Cross Edge is a great game that gets bad ratings because the people reviewing it dont take the time to get to know the combat system and/or they aren't fans of diffrent types of RPGs, which makes me wonder, why did they try this one?

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GF Rating



posted by Schpenke (THE COLONY, TX) Jul 27, 2009

Member since Nov 2005

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The Good:

1) The addition of the PS3 weapons/armor downloads prior to starting a new game will allow you to tear through this game with little to no worries.
2) The battle system, for as many complaints as I seen it receive, isn't all that bad. Had the removed the idiotic combo-timer I would have almost said it was enjoyable.
3) The score is very good
4) The controls are easy and intuitive. I had no problem changing characters, coordinating attacks, or navigating menus.

The Bad:

1) Holy cow does this game become boring quickly. The same battles, the same formation, the same painful dialogue over and over again. Is this what JRPGs have all morphed in to?
2) If you have played Enchanted Arms then you know what the battle system is basically like. Sort of. You have a grid in which to place your 4 characters (yes.. out of a cast of 23,234,323 characters you can only use 4 at a time). Grid placement is actually important as some character's attacks have short ranges, etc etc. Same formula. Except once you have a winning formation with characters who can perform chains you have NO REASON TO CHANGE IT EVER. The only time formation becomes a chore is during surprise attacks as your characters are randomly placed.
3) The dialogue SUCKS. Do we really have to see eight cut scenes involved these characters saying broken sentences? Do we really, really need to see these characters argue about mundane drivel while the storyline is actually sort of compelling? JRPGs are disappointing me quickly in this formula. I can understand heavy relevant dialogue, but it seems this was just to add time to the game.
4) A COMBO TIMER!? Look.. be an RPG or not. Combo timers are a weak mechanic that are reserved to putty game flaws. RPGs should be thinking affairs, not twitch responses. I would have loved to have thought about how to best chain some combos, or consider switching them up once my attack started. Nope. Lame timer.

This is a rental at best which is sad.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

I'm sorry I bought it

posted by Cabbit (Seattle, WA) Jul 17, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

I bought this game because I really liked nippon ichi because they're my favorite company. It took me about a few hours to realize this game was a mistake to buy. I wished I had rented it instead.

It seems that the developers were more concentrated on appeasing the "fanservice" side of videogames instead of making an actual worthwhile game. Though my brother Tim who actually cares about that, told me he didn't like the game either, because the "costumes" didn't change the in game graphics. It just changed the cutscene things. And the status changes. Honestly though I dont' get why they even make fanservice things like that, if they are going to have that kind of fanservice, why not give us some cute shirtless boys or something? Honestly >< I didn't play the game long enough to actually know but the online guides said that the boys don't change with their costumes so that immediately made me upset. This is the like 20th century, girl gamers exist, stop catering to perverted teenage boys ><

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