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GF Rating

Very Good

Another winner by NIS!

posted by Zlash99 (AURORA, CO) Jul 19, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

This combination of worlds is REALLY great. I love all these characters and its nice to see another merger of gaming done right! Haven't seen a decent mesh of game titles or the like since Marvel v. Capcom. This is a MUST buy if you like NIS titles or RPGs with a new story.

Good- Probably the most original story line I have seen in about 3 or 4 years. The characters mesh really well, its not forced how they come together and work. The game system is awesome, the spirit search element is really cool, it has loads of trophys in game and on PS3 network to try earning! Very fun combo/fighting system! Also, nearly 100% voice acted!

Bad- The fighting system and combos take some time to figure but once you get it there is no stopping you. Also, some of the voice actors are annoying at best (but not all of them). They are ignorable too... or you can ignore it all the fun way and turn on Japanese voices and just read the dialog, the Japanese voice acting is MUCH better and easier to listen too.

Ugly- not sure if its my system or the game (tending to think its the game) but I have had several times where the game has just locked up and had to be reset. It has happened at load screens of all sorts. Which is another down side, the number of load screens is a bit of a pain but if you install the game it greatly reduces the load time. I tend to think also, the lock ups may have been caused by a corrupted install. I deleted and re-installed the core game, seems to work better but still locks up once in a great while.

Overall, if you can get around the game locking up, its REALLY awesome. Ill take a little pain (that can be greatly avoided for the most part if you save often) for such a great title though.

Side FYI- if you delete and reinstall you will need to re-install your DLC from PS3 network as well. Otherwise the game will delete all the "illegal or unrecognized content". Not a big deal... just something to remember.

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GF Rating


Oh Cross Edge thou hath impressed and dissapointed

posted by Dread10gu (BRIDGEPORT, CT) Jul 14, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

When I first looked at cross edge I was like "what? Nippon Ichi? good. 2D sprite combat? good. Lemme try this". Then I started playing it. Despite the very cheesy music and slapped together intro video, I was impressed at how intricate the battle system was and how competant the english voice acting was (as in NOT terrible).

Then I started noticing the bad things. The character animations were not very smooth at all, especially when stacked up to Disgaea 3. There were a lot of choppy moments, and the battle system started to lose its luster, not to mention the sound effects being very tame for anything but the special attacks for each person.

My main problem here is that if a game like Disgaea 3 can move so smoothly and have cool animations for even minor attacks, why can't Cross Edge? To me it felt like it took a lot of work to fully understand the battle system, but once I did, I still wasn't having anymore fun than I was when I didn't.

If you're a die hard Nippon Ichi fan like myself, you may want to try this out, and if you're a fan of the Atelier Iris games, you may have more of an appreciation for this than I did. But if you're really into disgaea, this game may feel a bit lackluster.

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GF Rating

Above Average

All the fun went into the battle system.

posted by AZStudent (TEMPE, AZ) Jul 8, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

Cross Edge has a great battle system going for it. Mixing grids, strategy, and combo building into a fun package. Seeing your combos climbing into the hundreds can be very rewarding and fun. Unfortunately, most of the fun stops there. The game difficulty is uneven with the pacing in which you level up or get new equipment. There are ultimately too many characters and the story is at best non-existent and at worst overwhelming with boredom.

I was weary off Cross Edge as the game looked as if it ultimately would be nothing more than a fan service, and ultimately pretty much is. This can be seen as bias on my part as I have never really cared for banal items such as japanese voice tracks on the game. The game is full of sexual innuendo and girls dressed with as little as possible. In fact, there is probably more clothing on the characters then there is story in the game.

The biggest mistake the game is having an absurd amount of characters, although you can actively only use four. Many battles require you to use a character you normally don't use because they may not fit your strategy, and you're suddenly wasting hours trying to level up that character. It's merely an illusion of depth through boring repetition.

The game is VERY heavy on the grinding. While grinding can be enjoyable if done right (see the Persona series), it becomes tedious quickly as the only way to get the most of a battle is by having combos that are as long as possible. The game's one fun aspect stops being fun as your demanded to partake in it constantly.

Cross Edge is a flawed game with an excellent battle system that would have served as a ground foundation for another game. It's a shame so much time was taken into creating only to build such a weak structure around it.

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