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Simple, Addicting, Fan Service Unite!

posted by Trucidatio (METAIRIE, LA) May 30, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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Cross Edge, is the product of five game companies. Most characters are new creations for the game. Capcom brought in a Darkstalkers' roster. Morrigan, Felicia, Demitri, Jedda and Lilith, are just some character options you'll see in this RPG.

Gameplay is very simple to pick up. While you don't freely move around during the battle phase like in the game Eternal Sonata, for example. You are presented with an attack gauge that is similar, in that you can do more then one attack per character. Early in the game you will learn how to chain character abilities for added damage through a tutorial.

The story is enjoyable to follow. Just to give you a glimpse of what you may read in this game, here is a quote from Morrigan, it appears very early in the story. - Morrigan: "I have this tingling heat in my bosom...and I like it."

Is your interest peaked yet? If you like where this was going, don't stop now. Download content is already in the works for additional scantily clad outfits and perhaps a modest set thrown in the mix.

Finally, you get the option to install this game. It takes 15 minutes to do so and I'd recommend it for no load times. You will also be able to select language dialog between English or Japanese (recommended). This game has a good mix of trophies at a balanced level of difficulty. So, get this game in your queue and make sure to vote!

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RPG fans BEWARE your in for a scare

posted by Purgatory (SANTA MARIA, CA) Aug 7, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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Now what could be better than this? A dream come true for RPG fans?
Darkstalkers!? OMG! Disgaea! OMG! but look closer and you will see just how big a mistake this whole mess is. Cross Edge takes players on a journey with two typical (very typical ) Main characters, A rash loud and excitable teenage boy named York and of course the more quiet sensible teenage female lead, Miko. Now Cross Edge Sounds like a pretty complex story having several groups of characters with story lines of thier own-not. The game flow is about as unpridictible a two headed coin you look for an orb on the map fight/meet someone new add them to your group...again...and again... and again. As the battle system goes youll be wondering why Morrigan (who starred in 3 fighting games with a rainbow pallete of moves)is stuck with stabbing enemies with her wings Once every turn. The battle begins with either the enemies or your turn depending on your amount of AP it is with this count of AP every character has that alows then to carry out actions in battle. AP is limited though wich means whwn the first turn comes around you can only really do one thing per character.
Instead of buying new and more powerfull equipment youll be forced to grind difficult battle after battle till you aquire the needed items to synthesise and power up weapons. The battle system really faulters when it comes to actuall moves and skills each character good luck obtaing at the most 2 different attacks through a third of the game.
In conclusion Cross Edge Is Tolerable if your desperate to see these different characters interact but as the story progresses youll find that
there is little to none group discussion between the ragtag group of characters and wonder why their even motivated to stay in a group at all.

"Cross Edge" for the PS3 is without a doubt the BIGEST dissapointment of the gaming media this year. Cross Edge

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Lack of a story does not ruin the game

posted by Kelsaurus (BRANDON, FL) Jun 8, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

The game has the most cliche, over used, boring story I've come across in a long time. The reason for this is so they can bring all the super popular characters from their respective companies titles.

The height of the game is obviously the characters, the combat, the synthesis system, and the insanely powerful characters you can eventually make. It blends all the games these respective characters are from (except maybe Dark Stalkers) into one beautiful creation of a game.

I started the game in hard mode... and it is brutal at first. Once you get deeper into the synthesis system and get used to your characters combo abilities it gets much easier. The other modes lock out portions of the post game as well as what you can carry over in a NG+.

The game is very addictive and rewarding, you'll spend hours creating new things through synthesis ( Mana Khemia) progressively making your characters insanely powerful. (Disgaea)

The Fan Service is probably the selling point for a lot of people, and they know it. There's tons of costumes you can collect for each character. ( Ar Tonelico) The only thing I don't understand is why they're not wearing said costume in battle.

In short it's a fun and rewarding game fans from all games will find something to like from this mass colaboration of genius. The only failing point is the story which is rather bland and uninteresting, even the little events you run into are very dull. Luckly there's a skip option that lets you skip through these scenes, as well as the ability to speed up battle (Fantastic for hard mode grinding) its certainly worth a rent for the not so sure crowd, but to me its a buy.

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