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Above Average

Not for everyone.

posted by Aneira (ANCHORAGE, AK) Jul 24, 2009

Member since Oct 2006

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Since reviews are 2000 characters max, I'll just skip any prefaces and get right into the meat of it.

Gameplay - Arguably the most important part of any video game. This is a turn based RPG, and battles take place on 2 3x4 grids: One for your party, and one for your opponents. You can have a maximum of 4 characters in your front lines (fighting party), and you will have to arrange your party in such a way that everyone can play to their strengths best. Example, York is a ranged damage dealer, so he can hit targets with some skills further away than a sword slinger. Your party can also link attacks together to pull off some wicked cool combos, and if you really get into the swing of things, and fully understand the flow of combat, you can crank out 500+ hits in one combo. Really good stuff. Your enemies can do the same to you, however, so watch out. If combat animations get too tedious, you can hold L2 to skip through it all. A most welcome feature.

When you aren't fighting, you will be searching for souls on the world map. When one is found, it can lead to a story event, or show a "Save Point" (you can save anywhere on the worldmap) in which you can buy / sell / synthesize / upgrade items. Unfortunately, this game is incredibly complex, and it's a crying shame that the in game tutorials don't cover nearly enough to understand how to do things. If you can stick with the game though, you'll find a rewarding (albeit a bit tedious) crafting system.

Graphics - 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds. There really isn't much else to go on. The graphics serve this game's purpose just fine, although this may be a turnoff to some. There is some noticeable slowdown during certain animations, and I've noticed the controller sometimes a bit non responsive at times as well.

Sound / Voices / Music - Voices are a mixed bag. Some good, some horrid. The music lacks any central theme, but not all of it is bad. Just nothing spectacular.

If you can stomach the grind, this game is enjoyable.

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NIS - love 'em or hate 'em.

posted by BranFlakes (PITTSBURGH, PA) Oct 11, 2009

Member since Feb 2006

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You're either an NIS fan or you're not one, it seems. Personally, I am an NIS fan and I enjoyed this game. I wouldn't say that it's an epic or anything, but really, what is? It held my attention through two playthroughs; one without guide help and one with guide help (Truthend + bonus content).

IMO, gameplay > graphics. This game had good gameplay. Always love the huge combos! :) Also, games that reward you for being good at them (guard breaks and overkill) are a plus in my book. Combo timer could've been extended or maybe removed. If you remember your combo moves, it's really nothing but an annoyance.

Music and sound was good. Generally, if it doesn't annoy me or anyone else who might be in the room, I'm in good shape. Some catch phrases, beginning of battle phrases and level up phrases got a bit annoying though.

Characters. I always love a healthy (large) selection of characters, especially when they actually have personalities and events linked to them (Prinny FTW!), and they're not just fillers. Cross Edge has that covered, even if some of the character's personalities are annoying.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't have been angry if I bought it. Two playthroughs on hard mode, 100+ hours... that's good enough for me.

If you like RPGs, give it a shot... if you don't like it, that's why you have Gamefly, isn't it? :P

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Point of View Required

posted by Xenith (ALTOONA, IA) Jun 5, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

20 out of 22 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

If you're familiar with any of the Nippon Ichi (NIS/A) titles, you're well-aware that they all share a rabid fascination with sprite-art and tongue-in-cheek dialogue, all of which thankfully are replicated in Compile Heart's new crossover RPG, CrossEdge. Not every game needs cutting-edge graphics to be good, and this is proof.

Not quite a Strategy RPG, and not quite a traditional RPG (your turn is based on AP remaining and combined agility stats), CrossEdge's combat takes place on two 3x5 grids, one for allies and one for enemies. Each and every attack in the game has an Area of Effect (AoE) that dictate which squares they can hit, which in turn shows you where you should place each character; if you don't check the AoE, you could place them in a situation where they can't attack! By using certain combinations of three attacks, characters can perform a special combo skill, which does large amounts of damage; the same applies to EX skills, which can be used by taking damage and defeating enemies.

The story behind CrossEdge exists solely to explain the reasons behind why all of these characters are together in one world, but overall provides a rather decent experience on par with the original Disgaea. Nothing major or groundbreaking, but certainly isn't awful. You're shown dialogue through the sprites interacting and/or portraits, similar to the majority of NIS games. Again, nothing new, although the dialogue is just as campy and humorous as what you'd expect from the creators. The english VAs are pretty decent compared to what you'd expect, and lines are delivered with believable emotion. The option for japanese dialogue is present as well, which is a boon for some of us.

The sound is pretty basic, but the biggest letdown isn't so much the game as the tutorial; there is almost none. You'll learn more by pushing every button on each menu than from the game proper, which is frustrating, but ultimately a non-issue once you get the hang of it. Take with patience. <3

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