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one of the two best graphic games on the PSP!!

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Mar 30, 2008

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Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus really show the hardware capabilities of the PSP . One thing you will notice right away is the graphic, of how it looks so stunning that you thought it's a PS2 game instead of a PSP.. I rated this game based on my enjoyment of the game.. if rated it on tech level.. it will be around 8-9. I don't know if it's because i know how this game will turn out in the end kind of ruined it for me or not.. but sometimes i didn't exactly draw in while playing this game or not as eager to get back and play it after stopping :( Anyway, Crisis Core is action-rpg, one man party, live action battle. There are some new changes here and there.. but if you are those who can easily adapt to new materials easily.. then it's no big deal. Your limit breaks and summons will be control randomly by the DMW (the slot). The DMW is useful in boss fights but annoying during random battles sometimes. Crisis core include ideas from various games like; Star ocean 3 (ability to run around dodging attacks and magics), pokemon (being able to carry only 6 materias at a time), Grandia III (mana egg fusion). The game is kind of boring the first 2-3 hours into the game due to limited abilities and materia. Once the missions mode are unlocked, you should play through those, since they are the only places you can get your summons, powerful materias and items. It you play it fast, the game will last around 18-20 hours... but if you try to unlock everything.. probably 27+ hours. There's no world map in this game, leveling up is also random by the slot machine as well. It's a little weird at first but you will get use to it :) Crisis core is a decent RPG, but one of the best Graphic game on the PSP. I'm lookin foward to the remake of FFVII after playing this game :)

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Great game, but...

posted by ffcloud7 (SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA) Apr 1, 2008

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This is truly a breakthrough title and raises the bar for hand-held role playing games. It really has it all, a driving story, sweet sound fx and visuals, and a unique battle system that makes every fight stand out. The battle system rather works like a slot machine- but only cooler and more complicated. You can earn bonuses like No MP cost or Invincibility depending on which numbers align. It also controls your leveling ups,limit breaks and summons- which by the way are ALMOST complety random and you'll most likely be throwing them out in random battles and not boss fights. :( oh well. But it really is a fun way of fighting and as you progress in the game it will grow and evolve. The story line is rather short, only 15 hours. but with tons of side missions you could easily put 50+ hours into it. Check it out!

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Very Good

adds more to the wonderful world of FF7

posted by owman3000 (ALBANY, CA) Apr 10, 2008

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I have not played the original Final Fantasy game on the PS1, but do I know the story. Even if you don't know the story of the original, Crisis Cores' story is still fantastic. The game play could use a bit of work though. It is basically just pressing X button the whole game, but who says that isn't fun? The leveling system also needs work. Leveling is kind of like gambling. Its a slot system. Whenever the numbers 777 appear on your reel thingy, you level up. And whenever you have the same three faces of a person on the reel you use that persons signature special ability. To keep the reel spinning you gotta keep fighting. Its not too bad when you get used to it though. The length is perfect and you will probably want to replay it again on hard mode, at least I did. The bosses though. They're fun and tough but the only thing that ticked me off when your fighting them, is they have no health bar, you can never tell if you're 75%, 50%, or 25% through the boss. At least in other hack n' slash titles like God of war they had health for the bosses only, same with devil may cry. Hopefully that will change. There are also a lot of memorable moments in the game. Have fun with it!

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