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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Reduced Chance Of Combat

If you get fed up of ''Entering Combat Mode'' with every corner you turn, try sticking to the sides of rooms and maps so you dramatically reduce the amount of encounters you have. This helps in the partically Very Hard side-missions as you need to reserve your energy and magic etc to find all the treasure chests and complete the mission.

The Combination in Shinra Manor

(1st Digit)= "Knowledge overflowing" This refers to the number of books in the room on the east side of the second floor. Count the number of books that are not on any of the shelves, include the books on top too. (2nd Digit)= "Unwelcome faces" Refers to the Dorky Faces in the east room on the first floor. Count them, even though they disappear/reappear, they stay in the same place. (3rd Digit)= "Tasty reminders of home" Refers to the Banora Apples/cans in the room. Look for purple apples/tin cans of apples. They may be obscured and don't forget to look on the floor and underneath the furniture. Press the "X" button to zoom in for this if need be. (4th Digit)= "Resting on all four feet" Refers to the number of chairs in the room on the west side of the first floor. Count the chairs. The combination varies each time you play and is different for each game

Magic Pots

There is a handful of magic pots that give rewards if you use a special combination. In Mission 10-2-3, use this order= Jump, Fira, Gravity, Assault Twister. Your rewards are Feather Cap and Doc's Code if you have the Mog's Amulet. In Mission 2-2-6, use this order= Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Gravity. Your rewards are Precious Watch and Curse Ring if you have the Mog's Amulet. In Missions 2-5-4,2-5-5,2-5-6, use this order= Ultima, Tri-Fira, Iron Punch, Electrocute. Your rewards are Jeweled Ring and Assault Targe if you have the Mog's Amulet. In Mission 7-6-6, use this order= Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99999 Damage, Octaslash. Your rewards are Impervious and Full Cure if you have the Mog's Amulet.