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Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

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This game made me scream into the headset!

posted by dashboard (SEMINOLE, FL) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

Crimson Skies ranks as the best game (online) I have ever played. I started back in the day with Atari Pong. I have owned almost every system ever made and I game like it's my job.

The challenge with the online gameplay is the skill of your opponents and your connection speed. If you have a slow connection, don't get upset for losing. You will be a half-second behind everyone and that is all it takes for a fierce butt-whoopin'. LAG is an ugly word in the land of Halo and Crimson Skies.

Different planes do different things and there is no end to the lightning-fast maneuvers you can master in dogfighting. Teams are awesome as well as a 16 plane free-for-all. The games last a while and the ability to talk to each other (only on your team) is great. The locations are cool and the planes are just as exciting.

Getting beat on this game was normal for the first month. I cussed like a sailor and growled like wrestler. I screamed into my headset so much the neighbors complained! It evokes emotion and makes your blood boil! By the time I was three months in - I was leading every room in kills and fewest deaths. Ranking is great. I made plenty of friends online with this classic. I still game with them on other games (and systems) today! Get it! (Online)

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I Don't See What All The Fuss Is About

posted by OKRecords (ASHBURN, VA) Dec 31, 2007

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I didn't find Crimson Skies to be as exciting as everyone else seems to think. I think that these folks must be playing it online. It's not horrible, but it's far from one of the best games out there.

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Very Good


posted by sandollor (APO, AE) Jun 15, 2007

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A great story, which most games are missing, and fun gameplay put this flyer a step above the rest.

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