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Gameplay Controls

Crimson Sea 2


To learn all the special moves including using the Gravity Blade, NeoPsionics, Overdrive and Time Extend, refer to the in-game Tutorial at the beginning of New Game.



-Recovery items appear throughout a mission, so only take 2-3 recovery items to start with.
-If you meet somebody, be sure to talk to them. You can gain valuable information and even items.
- Good things can happen if you do to a stage from the Transporter.
-If you're stuck in a particular area, try defeating all the Menace there. Sometimes it can show you the way.
-The key to unlocking Sub Missions is achieving a percentage of missions cleared for that stage.
-Retrying a mission lets you keep half of your experience, but you lose things such as items and Origins. However, if you go back to IAG via the Transporter without completing your mission, you can keep all of your experience, items and Origins.
-You can retry missions by using the Mission Navigator. This allows you to get a better ranking on the mission, but you will only get 1/10th the reward and experience.


-For insect enemies that travel in groups, using the Legion or the Trinity to attack can result in an easy Time Extend.
-Humanoid Menace will jump and try to get behind you if you get too close to them.
-Your radar will sound whenever Menace are present in the area.
-If you can close in on a Menace from behind and attack, you can defeat them without taking any damage.


-The [Chain] that is displayed during NeoPsionics and Overdrive is the key to creating longer Combos.
-You can avoid most attacks by effectively using Evade.
-The secret to the Gravity Blade attack is more direction than timing. Be sure to point the left analog stick opposite from the way you are facing.
-The timing for the Gravity Blade and Overdrive is similar for both Sho and Feanay.
- NeoPsionics are extremely valuable due to their ability to recover your HP.
-You will hear a sound to signify that your NP Gauge has been filled.
-Try to use Cross Fire from Time Extend, and then go into another Time Extend.
-The Lock On attack is vital for boss battles. Try practicing on the weaker enemies first.
-Be sure to take the Tutorial. You can learn valuable tips on controlling your character.


-When you pick up Vipa Rounds, they will affect the Gun you currently have in hand at the time. You can change guns in order to conserve your Vipa Rounds in you wish. (Ex. Pick up the Vipa Rounds while carrying the Legion - > Change you Gun to the Vulcan -> A strong Menace appears -> Switch back to the Legion to easily defeat it.)
-If you're unsure which attack of the Blade to level up, choose the 1st attack. All attacks start from the first blow. Therefore, it's best to power it up first.
-Sometimes, continuously attacking the Menace with a high speed Gun can cause the Menace to recoil. This is your chance to finish it off with a big attack.

Directional Buttons Move
X Button Jump. Confirm.
Triangle Button Blade Attack. Gravity Blade. (Press the left analog stick in the direction opposite your character is facing and press the Triangle Button.)
Square Button Gun Attack. Search, Talk.
Circle Button NeoPsionics (When your NP Gauge is full.)
L2 Button Change Gun.
L1 Button Shift Movement. Switch Lock On Target (when locked on).
R2 Button Time Extend. (Requires at least one full unit on your NP Gauge.) Time Extend (requires at least one full unit on your NP Gauge.)
R1 Button Lock On (Lock on to an enemy.) Spin Movement (When you are not locked on to the enemy.)
Start Button Retry (Cannot be used within IAG.) Quit.
Select Button Camp Screen. Skip Movie/Event scenes.
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Rotate the camera roight or left.
L3 Button Map Display (Can only be used when Manual is selected at the Options menu.)
R3 Button Change camera angle.