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Crazy Taxi

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Very Good

An excellent Remake for the PS2

posted by chipyg (SALEM, CT) Sep 9, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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Crazy Taxi was a game that was first featured on the Sega Dreamcast and when it crashed the title cam to sony. This game allows you to play as one of four taxi drivers and lets you race around in multiple areas to see how you can do. This game not only looks good for its time, but the controls are smooth and easy to get used to.
Some of the many pros are all of the different modes that you can play in like the normal arcade mode or you can even do a whole bunch of side missions and extra challenges to beat the high score. You can even do it in a timed mode to see how much money you can get before the time runs out. The game play is pretty sweet as well. You get extra money for doing cool stunts like getting air, drifting and coming close to crashing into other cars. The soundtrack to this game is AWESOME with cool Rock and R and B music. Finally, All of the different customers you can pick up are cool and they have there own personality and they ask to go places that suit there character.
Some of the cons in this game are one there is not enough characters to pick from in this game. You can only choose from either a red haired girl, an old geezer, and two wanna be rappers. Another problem in this game is that there are only 2 places to show of your awesome taxi skills and you can't pick the place you want to go, it is set by certain characters. Another problem that I found is that this game has the most Bazaar driving controls that I have seen like hitting x and triangle to switch gears how lame is that. Finally, most of these mini games are harder than anything because you have to do things that are literally impossible, but that is the fun part.
Overall Crazy Taxi is a great game and it is a must play for all hard core gamers. However, I do warn you that there are many parts to the game that are very hard and will take a little while to get the controls down. GIVE ME FEED BACK PLEASE at chipyg at gmail . com

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you call this fun!

posted by hogol55676 (ROUND ROCK, TX) Jun 18, 2009

Member since Nov 2005

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How is this fun?what sucks is that your timed when you dont have a person in your car!plus you have the samecity you dont go to tx or l.a .

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Above Average

Crazy Taxi

posted by djtrojan48 (DE QUEEN, AR) Mar 28, 2009

Member since May 2008

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didn't work

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