Rent Crazy Taxi for PS2
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Crazy Taxi

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Crazy Drift Stop

Do a Crazy Stop immediately after a Crazy Drift.


When driving down a straight road, build speed, then Push Drive + Brake. Your car will jump up as if has hydraulics.

Extra speed

Push R1 + R2 for extra speed on the road.

Crazy Box Crazy Pole

In Crazy Pole, do a Crazy Drift to hit the pole. This will allow you to stop in both destination points of each person.

Crazy Box Crazy Parking

In Crazy Box mode; finish the following levels to receive the bonus: 1-2, 2-2, and 3-2.

Crazy Speed

Push Reverse then Push Drive very fast. If done correctly, your car will speed off very fast.

Crazy Dash

Push Drive + Accelerate.

Crazy Stop

Push Reverse + Brake.

Crazy Drift

Push Left or Right while shifting into Reverse then into Drive while driving at a high rate of speed.

Flip over trucks and buses

Go to the highway in arcade mode and drive on the high lane. Then, knock a truck that says wow off the high lane onto the low lane into a truck or bus.

Jack knife trucks

To make 18 wheelers jack knife on the highway, ram them between the cab and the trailer.

More money 1

Your passenger will get excited and give you more money when you pass other drivers on the road.

More money 2

When taking people on the freeway, weave in and out of buses, trucks, and cars. Your passenger will get excited and give you tips. Be careful not to crash.

Crazy Box mode

To finish the 30 times level, drive down the middle of the road at a relatively slow speed.

Crazy Box Crazy Jump

In the Crazy Jump, start off with a Crazy Dash. When you get to the middle of the ramp perform a Crazy Dash again and once again before leaving the ramp. This result in over three hundred and high two hundreds.