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Crazy Taxi 3

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Gameplay Controls

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Crazy Taxi 3
GamePlay: Pick up customers, drive them to their destination and drop them off, racking up points along the way for crazy tricks and speediness.

Directional Pad Steering
Left Thumbstick Steering
A Button Reverse Gear
B Button Forward Gear
X Button Destination Display
Y Button Crazy Hop
Left Trigger Brake
Right Trigger Accelerate
Start Pause
Back Previous Screen
Combo #1 B + Right Trigger = Crazy Dash
Combo #2 A + Right Trigger = Crazy Back Dash
Combo #3 Crazy Back Dash + Left Trigger = Crazy Stop
Combo #4 Crazy Dash, Let off Gas, Crazy Dash + A = Limit Cut
Combo #5 Y, Crazy Dash = Crazy Hop Dash
Combo #6 Y, Crazy Stop (when landing) = Jump Stop
Combo #7 A, B, Turn = Crazy Drift
Combo #8 Crazy Drift + Crazy Hop = Drift Hop
Combo #9 B, A, Turn = Crazy Back Drift