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Shelve these Tales

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 14, 2010

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Why did the chicken cross the road? That’s one question that will not be answered in Crazy Chicken Tales. Here, your job is much tougher than to get from one sidewalk to another - you have to traverse plat forming levels.
The usual fare is on display here: you have to make several jumps, blast enemy birds, spiders, and other creatures with you gun (or you can bash them with your hammer.)
Along the way, you pick up gold coins - every time you get 25 coins, you get an extra life.
And some of you are going to need all those lives. This game breaks my first commandment when it comes to this genre of games: THOU SHALT NOT HAVE A FIXED CAMERA!
The single viewpoint makes some of the jumps very difficult. Adding to the pain are the frog levels where getting the frog into the right position is really tough due to convoluted controls. The frog’s jump is too haphazard; sometimes it makes a huge leap and sometimes it makes a small leap. I am taking a leap of faith with the frog, and it fails me too often.
So what is the purpose of this game? Why is the chicken doing what he’s doing? Well, I’m not sure. There’s some sort of treasure in a castle that is just begging to be recovered. So, the chicken goes on a quest to get said treasure.
But this story isn’t thought out very much; you get one level after another after another with no progression. It seems like the writers started the tale, but got bored with it.
Keeping this game from total disaster is the multiplayer racing games. Here, two players race against each other on rams or other animals through a course. It’s fast, and I got a lot of fun out of it. (It would’ve been better if they had four player racing.)
But even the multiplayer aspect isn’t enough to overcome the boring and annoying single player mode. Crazy Chicken Tales are stories that should not be told - or played. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating

Very Good

very fun game

posted by tallmario365 (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 2, 2012

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me and my bro really enjoyed this game because it is 2 players

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