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Crash of the Titans

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Gameplay Controls

Crash of the Titans
Left Analog Stick
Move Character
X Button
Jump. Double Jump (Twice).
Square Button
Light Attack. Interrupt Enemy's Slow Attack.
Triangle Button
Heavy Attack or Enemy Block Breaker. Charged Attack (Hold).
Circle Button
Jack Enemy. Interact with Tutorial Stones. Join 2-Player Co-op Mode.
R1 Button
R2 Button
Air Grind (While in Air)
Select Button
Tutorial Help
Spin Hover (Long Jump)
While still in air after jumping, press Square Button or X Button repeatedly.
Spin Attack
Rotate Left Analog Stick 360 degrees, then tap Square Button rapidly.
Triple Dragon
Time each button press as Crash touches the ground.
Chin Tickler
Board Slam
Press the Square Button twice, followed by the Triangle Button; end with a well-timed Triangle Button to finish.
Spin Dismount
Rotate Left Analog Stick 360 degrees, then press Circle Button to finish off a jacked enemy.
When blocking, use Left Analog Stick to roll away from the enemy.
X Button
Special Attack
Square Button
Light Quick Attack. Quick Fire.
Triangle Button
Heavy Slow Attack. Melee Attack.
Circle Button
Un-Jack, Then Re-Jack Another Enemy
R1 Button
Block (Hold)
Precision Aiming Mode
Hold R1 Button to bring up the aiming reticule, aim with Left Analog Stick, lock on with X Button, and press Square Button to shoot.
Control Projectile Enemy
Hold R1 Button to activate aiming mode, then assign targets with X Button.
Circle Button
Join Game (Press Circle Button on Player 2's Controller). Enter/Exit Player 1's Backpack.