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Crash Twinsanity

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat N. Gin

When you arrive at N. Gin's crows nest, he will blast three series of rockets at you. Avoid them, and go near a holder with spikes. When he throws a TNT crate at you, get away. If done correctly, the holder will break after the TNT crate explodes. Repeat this two times to destroy the crow's nest.

Easier jumps to small platforms

If you have trouble jumping and landing on small platforms, just aim the camera with the Right Analog-stick to watch from above, then jump.

How to beat the Totem God Boss

In the beginning the boss uses punches in the ground that create small shockwaves. Simply run in a circle to avoid them.  When he starts breathing in, throw Cortex into his mouth, kill the tiny golems as necessary, then grab Cortex when he gets spat back out. The second attack pattern adds laser beams that shoot from his eyes. Repeat the first step with throwing Cotex in his mouth. The third attack pattern is similar to the second. Because this is his last life, just run from the golems. The totem God will spit Cortex back out and you will have won.

How to beat Cortex

Avoid the shots and bombs of Cortex. After that, he will fire big green balls at you. When they reach you, throw them back by spinning. Do this three times.

How to beat Madamme Amberly

While fighting Madamme Amberly, Cortex will have unlimited ammunition. Avoid the electric beams from Amberly. You can see her aiming point when you are seeing small flames coming from the platform. When she hits it, it will expand and close it by shooting at it rapidly. After that, she will shoot school bells slowly to you. Shoot them all rapidly. After that, when Amberly turns around shoot at her engine. Repeat this a few times to defeat her.

How to beat Mecha Bandicoot

First, avoid all rockets and his saw. Then, stand as close as you can by Mecha Bandicoot. When he wants to fire a big ball and shoots it, get away as fast as you can. If done correctly, the ball will not disappear. Slam it back to Mecha Bandicoot. Do this a few times to defeat him.

How to beat the Totum Hokum Boss

Avoid all slams of the big Totum Hokum Boss. When he opens his mouth, you will see sonic beams. You do not have to be careful about them because they will not harm you. When he opens his mouth, throw Cortex in it. Repeat this a few times to defeat him.