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Crash Tag Team Racing

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Never drive with Crash

posted by nintendo (BUTTE VALLEY, CA) Apr 14, 2006

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Crash has never been so awesome in this game, it's got great graphics, great selection of carts, and everyone's favorite bandicoot. Full of cartoon violence and laughs, this game is one of the best Crash games I've played since The Wrath of Cortex. Plus in the game you get to buy different types of costumes, my personal favorite is Crizzash Bandisizzle, it's a rapper outfit. Then there's a costume for Crunch, it's costume that makes him look like Mr.T. Plus, the coolest thing about the game is that you get to clash with other cars to create a double car.....with a weapon! After you're done reading this review, go rent this game if you haven't. Take my word for it, you'll love it.

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Best Crash Bandicoot Game Ever!!!

posted by 101Gmer (WATERTOWN, NY) Jan 23, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

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I loved this game so much! It's the best Crash game out now. I especially liked the new characters. Rent it! Rent it now!

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Cartoon Crash!

posted by GCGuru (MERRIMACK, NH) Apr 26, 2006

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This is a very animated game. The game shows how comic cartoon games should be. Crash can interact with just about everything around him. Included in the interactions is about 30 hilarious death scene.

The game is very easy to play. I would say even easier then Mario Kart Double Dash. I'm not saying that its better then Mario, because Mario is far superior when it comes down to racing. Crash tag Team Racing isn't just about racing though. The game is about a racing theme park, with wacky and wild race tracks, mini-games, side quests, and theme park style themes. When controlling Crash, you have the ability to walk around the park and interact with people, other racers, as well as compete in a variety of mini-games.

Crash Tag Team Racing is a game for those that enjoy playing easy racing games where you have the ability to blow up your competition. Completing side quests also enable you to obtain newer karts. The game took me approximately 6-8 hours to beat (Having 40% of the entire game completed). But the game has a large number of mini-games, and extra side quests needed to reach 100% completion!

Graphics: 7 <--- Funny Cartoon style.
Controls: 8 <--- Very easy to move around.
Fun Factor: 8 <--- Easy to beat, lots of mini-games and side quests left to obtain a 100% completion.
Sound: 6 <--- Funny sound effects during loading (Press A and B). But the rest was lack luster.

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