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Crash: Mind Over Mutant


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Also on:DS, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2
GF Rating

134 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Button Codes

Pause the game, hold R and enter the following.

  • Down, Down, Down, Up
    Crash freeze any enemy he touches
  • Left, Right, Left, Right
    Crash turns into a shadow
  • Up, Down, Down, Up
    Enemies leave behind 'Special fruit' (Purple fruit)
  • Up, Right, Down, Left
    Enemies leave behind Super kick (Shoe)
  • Up, Up, Up, Left
    Enemies leave behind x4 damage (Boxing glove)
  • Right, Right, Right, Up
    Enimies leave behind Wumpa fruit (Yellow/Orange fruit)
  • Left, Left, Left, Down
    Make diffrent parts of Crash bigger