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Crash: Mind Over Mutant

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Crash Has a Mental Overload Comeback!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Oct 14, 2008

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I just got it today & wow I’m having so much fun! I can’t put down the controller! The gameplay went back to the roots & original feel of the 1st Crash Bandicoot for PS1. Graphics are very bright, beautiful maps,environments,& controls are simple. The Tiki masks that gave you Invincibility are not in the game so far of what I’ve played. Note, I’ve played for over 4 hours now.

Crash has the ability to take over the minds of his enemies in this new game. Crash can also absorb an ability the foe he’s battling & defeats. It’s an interesting & unqiue concept that works very smooth, hands down. The levels of course are quite long. Some timed mini-missions that were secrets from the previous Crash games of the series.

You can still collect those classic golden apples for points! I’m a Fan of Crash Bandicoot, except for Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex. I wasn’t fond of that title as much. For anyone who is new to the Crash series, I most definitely recommend renting it, to see if it suits your style & type of gameplay you enjoy.

The game involves vast amount of puzzles, many enemies just about every turn you make. For those Crash Fans I definitely recommend put in short: go out and buy it. I don’t think it’ll disappoint any Crash fan. The developers did a fine job bringing crash back to life in a very nice refreshed manner & it turned out fantastic! Hands down.

My only main concern is the camera angles, they don’t tend to go with you as you move Crash, running, rolling, spinning-kicks, dive-bombs into the floor, and so on. Overall, this is a very well deserved 9 out 10. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have. I appreciate your time for reading the review. Enjoy! Happy Gaming!

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Crash! Where Arte thou?

posted by CrazeFan (BROOKLINE, MA) Dec 6, 2008

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Big Bro (High school gamer): I used to play Crash as a kid, and he was one of my favorite mascots of all time. Better than Mario, better than Sonic. Today Crash is in the hands of Sierra, who've done NOTHING good for it.

It's the same story. Crash goes after Cortex, and to be honest it's actually pretty good. I admit the cut scenes are funny, and they bring the old crash charm back to the game, but that's about all that's good.

I hear this game was developed in 1 year, and boy does it show. The "open world" aspect is so unneeded and so annoying. In an early interview replay-ability was mentioned, and boy the replay-ability of the game is AGRRESIVE. You will constantly be running the same levels over and over (sometimes backwards.) There's absolutely nothing that made me want to play the game after the story (even though the game told me I had only finished 43% of it.)

Oh, and one question... Why does crash get dizzy?!? In the old games he used to spin forever and it didn't alter the game's difficulty!

Little Bro (Youth gamer): I started my own game on this and it took my forever to get around. The game is also hard because it doesn't always tell you what to do.
Big Bro: Sure it does, it's just not very helpful to the rest of the game.
Little Bro: uh... Some of the monster's powers are just not useful to game play. (True) The story line was extremely short, and why did they bring the old guy back?
Big Bro: for the fans. Actually i do admit that was a nice move, although you never see N-brio outside of cut scenes.

Crash Bandicoot just isn't the same. Honestly, it's a game to make money. Here's an idea! Bring crash back to level based, bring back spinning, and bring back Tanwa! I loved Crash's girlfriend in the first game, why was she kicked off?

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Really Bad

What Happened to Crash Bandicoot?

posted by motox9 (CANTON, OH) Apr 7, 2009

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What ever happened to crash bandicoots like the original 3 or 4 of them for the PS1? I personally dont like what happened to the Crash Bandicoot series. Crash has physically and mentally changed throughout the game series. For example just look at the cover of this game, then look at the cover of Crash Bandicoot one, see the difference. And where did all these mutant creatures and stuff come in??? seriously. I give this game a rating of 2 or 1 because of what happened to the series

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