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Crash: Mind Over Mutant

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Defeat Yuktapous Easy

When Fighting the Yuktapous to free Uka Uka jack either a Battler or a Grimly. Fight the Yuktapous utill the stars above it are halfway then jump off your mutant and do a jumping spin attack on his head for the rest.

Defeat N Brio and Crunch

You will find N brio and Crunch at the wastelands. When you find them you have to defeat Crunch first. use the TK mutant to lift a TNT box and throw them at the guns. Once you've done all of them, some sheild things will come up and Crunch will start shooting at you. Just before Crunch shoots, Use the TK to throw him into the blades at either side of the platform he`s on. Once his health has run out, jack him and shoot at the glass pipe at the ceiling. You`ll smash the glass doing that and now your free to shoot N brio. NOTE: If TK or Crunch dies, you have to start again.

Defeat Cortex

When you find the mutant Cortex, keep going round the edge of the arena utill you find a Grimly.Jack the Grimly and do its "Slow Time" move so Cortex will slow down his spinning and stop shooting. Keep punching him and doing slow time until he's out of health. Repeat this process to Jack him and defeat all the other mutants. Once you have done this, a giant spin platform will come up. Use Cortex's spin attack on it to rise up. Once you've finished, jump onto the platform down below. NOTE: If Cortex dies you have to start all over.