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Rent it, play it, buy it, love it

posted by MarkDizzle (ROUND ROCK, TX) May 16, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

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I agree 100% with what Sparxxx said, this is a very enjoyable game. It has long lasting playability and a captivating freedom.

Your ability to maneuver free of time constraints is a key element of the fun. Being able to put it on and just go nuts taking out bad guys gives instant gratification while the well developed story line provides the depth to keep your attention.

The guns, cars, explosives, amazing run and jump abilities, and hand to hand combat are all well done and worthy of spending time developing each.

The graphics are unique in that the items that require detail (such as explosions and water) get it in spades and those that don't (building pillars and ledges) aren't distracting to the eyes.

My recommendation is to download the demo for free and then decide on if you're interested. I'll be you will be!

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This game is TONS of FUN!!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Feb 27, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Crackdown is what most people call a sandbox game which tipically means that you are in a certain area or space and you get to go ANYWHERE ypu want right from the start of the game (though i dont encourage you do untill you are powered-up enough to take on harder gangs). Crackdown however is a combanation of a sandbox type game and GTA. You go around taking out spacific gang leaders untill you weaken the empire anough to take a shot at the Kingpin. Sucessfully removing the kingpin rewards you with lots of orbs. The orbs you get from enemies power up your character and, depending on how you kil the person, powers up 1 or two of your main skills. Your main skills are Agility, Driving, Firearms, Explosives, and strenghth. All of them power up as they are described except agility which powers up as you gain the supplements scattered around the city. There are also lot sof weapons in Crackdown. There are 3 differnt explosive weapons, three differnt types of granades, about 4 or 5 different machine guns, 2 differnt shotguns,and 2 differnnt snipers. Whats really fun about the game is powering up your skills. Agility makes you run really fast and jump very high, strength makes you have more health and be able to pick up heavier objects, explosives makes things that go BOOM do more damage and have a bigger blast radius, firearms mkes your guns more accurate and stronger and driving makes you cars do some very cool things like go very fast and do barrel rolss and flips! Theer is also and Online co-op but this really insnt too fun because if you want some orbs or somthing you have to kill the peopl eand with somone else there gives you less orbs for yourself. I would really only reccomend co-op if you need help with a mission. Crackdowns hraphics look sorta comic-like. Everything is cell-shaded but it looks good.
GAMPLAY: 10/10
OVERALL: 9.6/10 A very fun game that has lots of replay value.

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Best 360 Sandbox Game to Date!

posted by naTeeZZel (EDMONDS, WA) Feb 24, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

The title says it all! Crackdown truly is the best 360 "sandbox" game to date, in my opinion. Although there are some flaws, like horrible music, and lack of story (those are the big two), Crackdown is actually a lot better than I had expected!

Crackdown doesn't have a story what-so-ever. You play as one of many genetically super cops (if you could call them that) which have abilities that you upgrade to be stronger and faster. There are three main gangs in Pacific City. Los Muertos, The Volks, and Shai-Gen. Each gang consisting of many, many gang members, bosses, and the kingpin. There are a total of 21 bosses that have to be eliminated in order to beat the game. That's it. No story. Just plain old shoot the gangs and move on.

The positives of Crackdown are very addicting. First of which are the green agility orbs. These can be similar to finding hidden packages in the GTA series, but far, far more addicting. With 500 of these little green orbs, running around finding them, to me is more addicting than cigarettes! No joke! And the more agility orbs you collect, the faster and higher you jump. You can run about 25 mph and jump 30 feet by collecting a good amount of the agility orbs. Hidden orbs are also a blast to find and those upgrade every ability that you character possesses. These skills are: agility, driving, shooting, explosives, and strength (hand combat). Each can only be up to a four-star rating which is the highest rating for each ability.

The graphics in the game are very unique. It's a mix between cel-shaded and fully textured 3-D graphics. They are not the best on the 360, but the world is by far one of the best I've seen in an open-ended game and the draw distance is just breathtaking. You can literally see the cars and pedestrians move on the other side of the city when standing on top of a tall building.

Final positive thing is the co-op! Simply the best co-op ever by having a friend play with both free roaming. Pretty explanatory.

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