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Skeptical at first but it warmed up to me.

posted by Desdecardo (Paso Robles, CA) Jun 14, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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First, I bought this game so that I would have the chance to play the Halo 3 beta.

Second, I didn't understand that the Halo 3 Beta was not going to be immediately available. (yeah... I am stupid.)

Third, the second caused me to hate the game for a couple weeks.

Ok. After those couple of weeks though the game became my most cherished game in my library.

It has the sandbox feel that GTA has. You can choose to complete missions, kill random hooligans, or level up by finding markers around the city. What sets Crackdown apart from GTA is that this game defies the laws of physics. You can jump 6 stories in the air or fall 100 stories and still live. You can blow people up into the air and still fire your projectiles at them and get awarded for it.

The graphics are pretty good for the size of the game. The bad guys are hard but if you are leveled up this doesn't really matter.

The controls are easy if you are used to FPSs.

And once you max all your skills you don't have to worry about loosing skill points by killing innocents or the agents that always get in your way.

It is just a good game.

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Very Good

A Good Game

posted by cornflake (CORNELIUS, NC) Nov 13, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

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The game itself is pretty good. It makes you feel like you are the god of the entire city, jumping from rooftops, throwing a semi into a random civilian. But the graphics suck, and there is really not much of a story line. It is really fun if you have a friend over and your bored, and is full of lols, just for the tiny things, like punching soldiers off of rooftops. A must rent, and a possible buy.

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Crackdown lays the smack down!

posted by unifiedac (SACRAMENTO, CA) Oct 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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This game is full of non-stop action with plenty of difficult challenges. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, Crackdown is more out of a comic book. The power and vehicle upgrades determine your progress and ability to gain achievments, which keeps the game moving and the player interested.

The online multiplayer is no different than the single-player and requires that all players have an excellent connection, otherwise all players will experience some nasty lag.

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