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Must... get... ORBS!!

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Feb 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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In spite of what some might have you thinking at this point, Crackdown is an awesome game. It's the ultimate sandbox. While for some the lack of a cohesive story to hold things together may be a disapointment, but for some, such as myself, the free form ability to do just about anything from the get go is a nice feeling of freedom you don't usually get in a video game.

Your job is to take out 3 gang leaders. To do this, you need to take down at least some of their underbosses. You can do this in any order you want.

The thing you'll be doing the most of, however, is building your skills. In a RPG like twist, you gain experience in things by doing those things. It basically comes down to killing guys certain ways, though there are a few other ways to build up skills. Agility skills are mainly leveled up by collecting green orbs found at the tops of buildings and the like. Collecting these things will haunt you, even in your sleep.

The best part of Crackdown is the coop play. While it's incredibly fun to blow stuff up by yourself, it's even more so when a good buddy is along for the ride. The best part is that you're not limited by some invisible tether, you're both free to roam about the city as you please. The game is so free form that you can choose to just fight each other instead of working together.

The worst part of crackdown is the complete lack of story. It's almost like a low budget FPS in that respect... as in there is none. This is more of a design choice than anything else, and in the overall sence of the game it works, but for some this is something that ruins the game. I like a good story, but Crackdown, I think, actually benefits from the lack of narrative.

Crackdown is one of those games that's hard to explain and rate, especially given the limited space given here on GF. For people who desire a free form playground experience, this is THE game. If you need a story to drive the gameplay, steer clear

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The very definition of a "sandbox" game

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Feb 20, 2007

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Member since Jul 2006

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The only thing that would make Crackdown MORE like a sandbox was if the environment was actually made out of sand. Real Time Worlds had this basic concept: take the mayhem part of GTA and turn that into a game. You get the freedom to tackle the "missions" (if you can even call them that) in any order and in a variety of different ways. The basic idea is that there are three gangs that are taking over the city. Each gang has 6 bosses and a kingpin, for a total of 21 gang leaders to take out (7 from each of the 3 gangs). You play on the side of the "Agency" as a supercop, with all the perks of being "super" such as super speed, super strength, super... uh... driving ability. Like the Elder Scrolls series, your skills increase with use. Kick a guy in the teeth or throw a dumpster on a dude and your strength increases. Shoot people in the face (which we all do in real life, right Jack Thompson?) and your firearms skill increases. Blow stuff up with a rocket launcher or grenades and your explosives skill increases. Get the idea? The only skill that doesn't increase this way is agility, which requires you to hunt down "Agility orbs", normally found at the tops of buildings. Collect enough orbs and your speed and jumping height increases. You then utilize your skills to tackle the enemies whatever way you see fit. Jump over the peons to get to the boss, or use your explosives skill to blow EVERYONE up in one move.

The best part about this game is the ability to play with a buddy. The crazy things you can think up with two players are just awesome fun. If you aren't agile enough to scale a building, get in a car and let your friend throw the car onto the building. Or use a car as a bomb by having one person drive it into the enemy and dive out at the last second before the other person shoots the gas tank. The fun is limited only by your imagination. There's no story, really, which may be a bummer to some people, but I think it just gives it more freedom. A solid 9.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Do you enjoy chaos? If so, this is for you

posted by HouseMN (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jan 26, 2009

Member since May 2008

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Take a Saint's Row, GTA style game, subtract the story, add some rather insane player character abilities, sprinkle a little chaos in the mix and you have Crackdown.

As with most of my reviews, I'll start off with the goods and bads, then go into more detail.


- Combat is rather intense at times
- Graphics are solid
- Character abilities (super-human) are FUN
- Online co-op is a blast (chaos²)
- Targeting system works well
- Wide open city from the start
- There are plenty of bad guys


- Lack of story
- Missions are very repetitive
- You're penalized for doing harm to civilians
- Civilians are too easy to hit with cars (if I weren't penalized, I wouldn't care)

When considering Crackdown, I believe the deciding question one should ask is, "Do I need to have a great story line?" and "Do I want to create mayhem in all sorts of different ways?".

If you can't live without a solid story, you will be disappointed by this title.

If you're looking for a game you can pick up and play for 15 minutes, or hours on end, and cause havoc, this is a good pick, ESPECIALLY if you have a friend to co-op with. My Cousin and I had a blast playing this on live.

The weapons in this game are pretty standard for the most part, but they fit in well and are decently balanced.

Character abilities (as far fetched as they are) are also pretty balanced and add a lot of fun to the game. If this title did not have the ridiculous factor that these abilities bring, it would be a sub-par experience.

The graphics in this game are pretty good. I have seen a few user reviews who say they're absolutely rotten, which I frankly don't understand. Was your TV on? They're definitely not the best in the world, but they are far from terrible.

In the time I spent playing I did not run into any killer glitches or other problems that would make my face hurt.

Overall I found this game to be a lot of fun, and I plan to rent this again down the line.

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