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Don't bother

posted by xknucklezx (SILVER SPRING, MD) Feb 9, 2013

Member since May 2011

This game was nothing like the first one. Throughout my experience playing this game I noticed that it was full of bugs. It was so bad that I didn't even bother to finish it. I would not recommend this game to anyone.

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the faster and stronger you are the more fun it is

posted by jcano86 (WHITTIER, CA) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

it started off kinda weak. but as soon as i got the idea of the game and started to collect the agility coins ,stunt rings, and street races. It started to get better and better.

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OK But Same

posted by AdamtheSilent (WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH) Sep 9, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Ok frist off I like to say the first game was absolutely amazing and never seen a game like it. But as for this one it feels more of like a remake or one of those games that are rebooted and have a different story. To put it plain and simple it's nothing more than a clone. So why did I give a 7? Well for 1 if you're going to make a sequel to a game it has to offer new things that don't feel exactly the first one. You catch my drift? The game still has it's fun orb searching and collecting with the new addition to new annoying renegade orbs that run away from you. But as for everything else it pretty much feels the same.

Combat is really no different. They tried to upgrade the free aiming system but feels clunky and difficult. Better off locking on to targets. Melee is a little diffrent but not much. All they did was add a few more combos for you to use. You're thinking "Dude that's cool because in 1 all you could do was kick." Trust me not what your expecting. As you progress human enemies can become a pain in the butt for they easily out number you wether if it is day or night. There is no flight combat even though there's helicopters.

Look almost the same, but a little HD i guess? Some textures look flawed especially when it comes to exploration. Jumping from building to building can be annoying because even though it looks as if you can jump on a ledge you can't. You'll just end up falling and getting fustrated.

There are a few new wepons but doesn't feel like a huge variety of choices are being given. I can honestly say the biggest, and personal favorite, new wepons are the UV Shotgun and the Harpoon. Oh, also pistols have been completely removed.

No more gangs just those zombie-like freaks and a group called cell. Enough said besides they can get annoying.

Bottom line it's still fun in some ways but just feels the same. It's the same city but destroyed. New enemy's feel degraded I guess? Still a decent game and w

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