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This game should be Crackdown 1 - story+

posted by Copperpot (CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA) Aug 30, 2010

Member since May 2010

It's not often I see a sequel to a game as old as the console it was built four with no obvious improvements. This game feels like a mod to the original. Like someone said, "Hey, let's add zombies and make the landscape look rougher". Reply might have been, "What about story?" "Story? HA! We're Crackdown! We don't need no story!!!"

The graphics are the same as the first. That is to say VERY dated. There is not one "wow" or "cool" moment. Most of the time you feel like you've ordered a Big Mac at a five star restaurant.

The controls are the same as the first. I actually feel like they are worst, but I think it's just that everyone else has moved on, adapted, where as this developer decided, "If it ain't broke..." Loved the sniper riffle, however, you can't CHOOSE your target, you look in the direction you want (THAT WAY), like pointing for a dog to fetch something, the game -aims- at something-over-there. You wish, in a crowd of 10 bad guys, that instead of aiming at the weakest dude with the tiny hand gun, you were aiming at something larger, like the biggest dude, the one with the rocket launcher, or, I don't know, the explosive barrel in the middle of them all? The climbing controls are HORRIBLE! You spend most your time HOPING around, -trying- not to jump so high that you have to fall all the way to the bottom, as (again, the controls not meeting today's standard, or yesterdays for that matter), if you need to go a little lower, say to a lower ledge, he will NOT grab that ledge, and instead fall to the ground so that you might start all over again. That action constantly feels like you are that dude who saw an awesome jump, went to do it, and epic failed himself into traction.

The story is invisible. Seriously. "Agent. Go kill stuff. Oh, and there are audio logs, cause f-it, who needs cinemas?" I imaging the design meeting went a little like this, "Anyone thinking 'coat tails of Bioshock?"


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GF Rating

Above Average

Happy I didn't buy

posted by ELCOMECUCA (BRONX, NY) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2004

Except for the wing suit and the helicopter this game didn't add anything to Crackdown. No story line made the game boring and repetitive very quick. Should have gone straight to market place as DLC for 1200 or 1600 ms points. Thank God there is GameFly, because to me this game fell really short of my expectations

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posted by halo3reach (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jul 26, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

CRACKDOWN2 is perfect as I rated, I want the full game. My favorite ability is the barge attack.The freaks in CRACKDOWN2 are coll but you should put more orbs when you kill them.The part when you set the beacon is awsome the screen go bright and awsome style!The rag doll style in this game is cool It is a perfect game for those who love halo games!

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