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Very Good

Still Crackdown But Shorter

posted by terrill120 (AURORA, CO) Jul 19, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

You have read all the reviews about this game. The developers had a chance to do something big however they used the same map and just pasted new missions over it. Helicopters are a good edition. Supercar is just a small super car. The level ups were easy. A nice addition was the way of showing you were orbs are are around you by pressing up on the controller. But still the game was WAY TOO SHORT. Of course rocket launchers and grenades ruled the day for PVP. Still a good play. Not worth 60 bucks.

graphics 8/10
controls 8/10 (except wingsuit mode 5/10)
online 7/10
overall 8/10

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GF Rating


crackdown 2 aka crapdown 2

posted by BigRob88 (SHOHOLA, PA) Jul 17, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

As an avid gamer I love it when an unkown company can make a game that compete's with big names (like those queens at EA). I rented crackdown 1 from gamefly not knowing what was in store, so once I beat the story I couldnt wait for a second (which for a while didnt feel like it was going to happen). Once I heard about 2 I went out and pre-ordered that day and could not wait till I got to play the second. Maybe I should of payed attention to the reviews, because once I realized its the same map (which has its pros with its cons), and the story is so cheesy I was ticked off. Once I played through with my buddy (without another agent the game is so freakin reptative its a waste of time) I went to gamestop and traded it in. I think what really has me ticked is that they pretty much sacrificed the story so they can add in a multiplayer (which sucks) which is a typical EA move (screw the fans so we can make more money). The co-op is great but like I said unless you have 1-3 buddies playing then the single player is HUGE waste of time. The only reason i give it an 7 is the pure fun of power sliding into HUGE crowds of freaks, and blasting cell in the face with the harpoon gun. Only buy this game if u have buddies to play the co-op with.

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I have all these powers why do i feel so powerless

posted by 25DonkRd (ATLANTA, GA) Jul 12, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

What i didn't like about crackdown 2 was the fact that there was no story to speak of other than the first 15 minutes or so of the game. The climbing mechanics are just awful. Your agent will grab onto a ledge sometimes and sometimes he wont and it almost feels like it is up to fate and made me feel powerless even though i had all these other powers i couldnt climb a building unless it had a certain type of window and even then sometimes you wouldnt grab onto to that window; it was frustrating, especially when you are doing rooftop races or trying to capture deceptively moving orbs called renegade orbs. The city doesnt look that much better, if it does look any better, than the first game. There isnt even a new city to explore, the city you are exploring is just a wrecked version of the first one. Fighting is sort of always blah. You run up, punch people in the face. Shoot rockets at them. Shoot people in the face. It isnt varied enough. Although, it is somewhat diffucult enough so it feels like you are doing something, but the way i approached every fight was run in, get shot a lot, shoot rockets at people. It doesnt make me want to do it over and over again. It is just something i have to do to get an achievement. However there are some parts i found very fun. The fact that you can still build a somewhat geneticly modified man into a absolute beast is fun. Although the time it takes to build your man into a beast was too short for my liking and once he is beast, well, he is beast you cant go any further, which i didnt like, why cant if i work hard enough turn my agent into superman? Why set a cap, be it the same cap in the first game, on his growth? Going around and collecting green orbs on top of buildings is still fun. Flying around in your wingsuit, once you learn how, is cool. I found playing online campaign more fun than playing alone. I never played pvp so dont what that is like. Crackdown 2 is 10 hours of fun, rent this game, dont buy it.

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