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Crackdown... Not so let down

posted by ValKnightt (CLARKSVILLE, TN) Jul 9, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

37 out of 45 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

I have read a lot of reviews on here saying how bad this game is.... but none of the things people are complaining about ruin the game in the slightest.. people just dont know a good thing when they have it. Not everything that i touch on is bad either so here we go..

most common complaints from reviewers:

1- yes this game takes place in the SAME city... hence the same map (not to hard to figure that one out)

2- graphics.. Cell shaded.... no way n64 or any other last gen console could play this game. There is way too much movement and other thigns.. but really the cell shaded form of this game gives it its "comic book" feel which is what they were going for.

3- Story.. well you are mostly right here.. not to great of a story, but really the story is short and sweet.. kill cell people... kill infected..

4- audio.. yes dude is really annoying when he talks over and over again.. then again this is a modern game and they have a nifty audio feature that lets you turn teh narrorator off

5- repitition.. It's a free-roam game much like GTA... you dont hear people complaining about its repitition... same thing

Things I enjoy: Not in order.. Mag grenades are my favorite..
1- climbing.. super human hero jumping up buildings is fun.. try to climb the highest building ever.

2- Mag grenades- Magnetic grenades- you throw one to an object then one to another object (like a car) and the car is pulled to the first magnet... you can put a magnet on 2 cars and watch them try to run away.. amusing.. you can hang cars from buildings- more amusing.. you can trap a chopper to the ground with one.. most amusing trying to watch it escape.

3- Splatter... running into a crowd of zombies and seeing a giant green splatter is great.

Overview: All in all this game isnt perfect, but get a buddy or two together and its a lot of fun. I enjoy it and recomend it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Solid, but Same Old Same Old

posted by sidepart (SAINT PAUL, MN) Aug 18, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

16 out of 19 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

If you played Crackdown, you'll be able to jump right into Crackdown 2 without skipping a beat. There really weren't many changes made here to the gameplay. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I didn't have any complaints about the original. I was disappointed that they failed to add some kind of target selection like in Grand Theft Auto. So if you lock onto someone or something, and it's not what you wanted, you can't just hit a key to lock on to the next target to the right or left. I also didn't find many uses for the arsenal of weapons provided once I'd reached a certain point. I ended up really just relying on one combo, which was a little bit of a let down.

What I was most disappointed with was the story of the game. There was a lot of potential here, and the outcome ended up being way less than I had been hoping for. As you play the game, they've added elements that lure you into believing that you'll be given some awesome choices towards the end of the game. I had started expecting that I would be able to decide if I wanted to defend the Peace Keepers or go rogue and join the Cell. Alas it didn't branch out like this at all, and I was kind of disappointed. Perhaps they didn't have time to add this type of story structure or maybe they were trying to reserve this for Crackdown 3.

Still though, solid game like the last one. It's fun to screw around with, and find interesting ways to slaughter your enemies wholesale. The medium setting offers a good mix of frustration and success to keep the casual gamer's interest piqued.

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GF Rating

Very Good

still fun crackdown

posted by Pete89 (HOLMDEL, NJ) Jul 6, 2010

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Member since Aug 2007

32 out of 39 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

While thie sequel doesnt seem like a fan of the first game..i still love this game. Theres enough to add some freshness..i love just running over zombies and getting new orbs and audio logs to collect..that was where a lot of the fun came from...the targeting system isnt rly that bad and on my hd tv crackdown 2 looks pretty good..the story is lacking..its basically just go here..activate this..activate this fight zombies..repeat..theres cell locations to wipe out too as well as foot and driving races..4 player is fun and messing around with other ppl is awesome

graphics 8/10
controls 8/10
online 8/10
overall 8/10

dont hate so much ppl..sheesh

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