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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Earning the "Street Sweeper" Achievement

The best time to earn this Achievement is at dusk, just before nightfall. Find a grate and wait for dusk. Freaks will begin to spawn from the grate. Find a car and build up speed before power sliding into the Freaks with the A button, before they have a chance to spread out. They should still be close enough to each other than you can take out five of them with one power slide and unlock the Achievement.

Earning the "Pebble Dash" Achievement

Play through the game until you unlock a tall Agency Tower and collect enough green orbs to unlock the Wingsuit. Take a helicopter to the absolute peak of Agency Tower and jump into the chimney stack. Make sure you deploy your Wingsuit before hitting the toilet's water in order to survive. Survive the fall and you'll unlock the Achievement.

Earning the "Bomberman" Achievement

The best way to earn this Achievement is to create a massive chain reaction. Gather as many flammable objects as possible and stack them near each other. Toss a grenade into the pile to set them all off one-by-one. If the Achievement does not unlock, run around and blow up more flammable objects before 60 seconds elapses until it does.

Earning the "Car Jump" Achievement

Only attempt this Achievement during daytime hours, otherwise you'll only encouter police and cell cars that often stop. Daytime hours will bring out fast-moving civilian cars. Jump from a moving civilian car on top of a car going the same speed to get the Achievement. To make this task easier, grab a friend in Co-op and have a friend drive the first car.

Earning the "Co-Op Keepy-Up" Achievement

Trying to pass a vehicle around in open ground is a tough task, as the vehicle will often fly at different angles. In order to make things easier, find a tall building and try to bounce the car off the wall. This makes the vehicle's trajectory easier to predict. Pass the car around a couple of times and every player will get the Achievement.

Earning the "Mosh Pit" Achievement

To earn this Achievement, you must land 20 successful hand-to-hand attacks in a chain, but they don't have to be punches. Grabbing an object like a telephone pole is perfectly legal here, so grab a large object so that none of your strikes miss. WARNING: If you do opt to use a large object, attempt this Achievement when your agent is at a very low level, otherwise you risk clearing out the area of enemies before you're able to land 20 hits.

Earning the "Pin Cushion" Achievement

It's important to note that you do not have to pin 5 enemies to the car in one shot in order to unlock this Achievement. Find an open area with an abandoned car and shoot enemies one-at-a-time so that they're pinned to the car. If you run out of enemies to shoot, simply get in the car and drive to an area with more enemies. The pinned bodies will get dragged along with the car. Continue on until 5 enemies are pinned to the car and the Achievement is unlocked.

Earning the "Scarface" Achievement

The best time to earn this Achievement is at dusk, just before nightfall. Grab a minigun from a base you've already taken and walk towards a vent where a large number of Freaks have assembled. Stay at a safe distance and start shooting and back up as the Freaks begin running towards you. Don't worry about running out of ammo, as each minigun has 1,000 bullets. Mow down 20 Freaks and you'll unlock the Achievement.

Earning the "Chopper Stomper" Achievement

In order to perform a Ground Strike, you'll need to level your Strength to 5. Also, you'll need to be Agility level 5 in order to get the helicopter pad (or have a Co-op friend with a helicopter). Hop in the helicopter at night, where Freaks are plentiful. Jump out of the helicopter and hold the B button over a group of Freaks to perform a Ground Strike. You'll hit at least one Freak and you'll unlock the Achievement.

Earning the "25 Ways to Die" Achievement

You need to die in 25 different ways to get this Achievement. Here's a checklist: -Shot with a normal bullet -Shot with a harpoon -Shot in the head -Shot/blown up by a chopper weapon -Shot/blown up by a Mounted Turret -Blown up by a grenade/satchel charge -Blown up by a rocket -Blown up by a proximity mine -Blown up by an exploding object -Blown up by a Quacker bomb -Killed by a player ground strike -Killed by a player with a held object -Hit by a vehicle -Killed by active chopper blades -Killed in hand-to-hand combat -Killed by a thrown object -Falling from a great height and going SPLAT! -Killed while driving a car -Killed by a Reaper -Killed by a Pounder -Killed by an Agent Reaper -Killed by a Heavy Armored Cell -Killed by a Scrounger -Killed by any cell -Killed by any peacekeeper This all adds up to 25 unique deaths and you'll unlock the Achievement after the last one.

Earning the "Open Up A Can" Achievement

Find a flammable container anywhere in the city and wait for dusk to fall. Find a grate where Freaks will start spawning. Drop the container by the grate and get to a safe distance. Shoot the canister by a group of Freaks before they have a chance to spread out and you'll take at least five of them out. After the big boom, you'll unlock the Achievement.

Earning the "Yippee-Kai-Yay" Achievement

This is easiest in a Co-op session. Have one player at Driving level 4 call in an Agency SUV while the other player at Agility level 5 brings over a helicopter. Keep the helicopter at a low altitute while the first player jumps into the Agency SUV. Drive the Agency SUV towards the helicopter and jump towards it. Even if you hit the chopper blades (which will blow up BOTH the SUV and the helicopter), the SUV driver will still unlock the Achievement. Repeat the process for the second player and both players will have the Achievement.

Earning the "City Glider" Achievement

To earn this Achievement, you must Wingsuit glide through the airspace of all islands in Pacific City without touching down. In order to earn the Wingsuit, you must max your agility to level 5 by collecting about 300 green orbs. Fly as high as you can with a helicopter, jump out, and deploy the Wingsuit. Tilt down until your airstream turns red and tilt back up to keep yourself in flight (think Cape Mario from Super Mario World). Once you fly through the airspace of every island, the Achievement will unlock and the narrator will congratulate you on your feat.